9 Most Fashionable College of Mumbai2 min read

9 Most Fashionable College of Mumbai2 min read

narsee monjee college of commerce fashion

“It is not about you, it is about me” – because that is exactly how it is. My makeup is not for you, nor is my dress. It is all for me! If only our parents understood that *sigh*, but no matter we shall still make ourselves on point! Because why not?! Uh, let’s get to the point now.

Mumbai is the hub of fashion and Bollywood and if you are expecting us to not look playfully messy in our PJ looks, jaw-dropping in our ethnics and other worldly in our western dresses, you my friend are sadly mistaken.

In Mumbai, the colleges are as full of beauties and Greek gods as there are brains and brawn. So here is a list of the 9 most fashionable colleges in Mumbai! Check out if yours is one:

  1. St. Xavier’s College

st xavier's college fashion

The trick here is to be able to toeing the line of the strict dress code rules and still come out shiny and glittery and perfect. *Because fashion is bae*.

2) Jai Hind College

jai hind college fashion

This is one of the so called *posh* colleges of Mumbai. They dress to leave you double taking at them. No one can see just once, yeah? *Yeh kon hai jisne inhe mud ke nahi dekha!!*

3) Kishinchand Chellaram College

kishinchand chelaram college fashion

One of the most wanted BBM and law college, here you will find the fine blend of street meets brands, because innovation is the mother of invention folks!

4) Mithibai College

mithibai college fashion

Situated near Juhu, this college is known for its diversity and you can witness this in the utter contradictions that spread out in the campus. The perfectly pulled off pajama look with the on-point ethical dress all mixed together in harmony. *Once you look at us, we’ll be your inspiration homie.*

5) DY Patil University (Medical College)

dy patil university fashion

Who said nerdy is no pretty? Don’t know about the guys, but the girls here sure know how to make you swoon and then leave you feeling dumb by their brain size!

6) Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics

narsee monjee college of commerce fashion

The students here are not just wanna be CAs and hunched back number loving geeks. These people know how to handle those dark circles and tired faces and turn them into glowing magazine covers! *Talent comes in all shapes and sizes (of glasses).*

7) HR College of Commerce and Economics

HR college of commerce and economics fashion

This is not just a foodie Haven, but also a place where you can catch the most trendiest styles carried effortlessly. *Khaana or fashion ka khazaana, hmmmmm!*

8) Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management

usha pravin gandhi college of management fashion

These people might be the middle ground between the *better* colleges, but when it comes to wearing it right they know their deal. *Who said middle class cannot look great, huh?*

9) HBT Medical College, RN Cooper Hospital

HBT Medical college fashion

Another one of those places where the students are able to play with your hearts both literally and metaphorically.

We are very not sorry for being pretty! 😉
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