‘University of Delhi’ or ‘DU’ with its leafy roads and red brick buildings does not really excite every student. There are many who instead of running after the ‘brand’ DU, want to pursue courses by stepping into those Universities which will add value to their learning. It surely is a ‘myth’ that only DU colleges can offer the best learning opportunities to the students (Duh!). There are many upcoming institutions in Delhi, which follow a ‘liberal’ and ‘market oriented’ approach unlike DU which is still following the ‘traditional’ methods. And now IPU comes into play.

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, better known as IPU, selects the students on the basis of a ‘Common Entrance Test’ relieving them from the burden of their Board’s score (50% is still required!) With market oriented and professional courses they prepare a student for the corporate world. So, preferably come out of the charm of DU and have a look at the perks offered by IPU.

Image 1 CET IPU

  1. Crowd

I hope you understand what I mean by ‘crowd’ (Yes! Smart guys and Hot girls!) Anyways IPU colleges surely serve you with a better crowd than DU does. So, get a gang of yours to hangout with and enjoy the bliss of college life.


  1. Professionalism

Along with the basic courses (B.Com H, Eco. H) IPU has been successfully able to provide the students with Professional courses (BA-LLB, BJM), so just get over the usual boring courses and get into a professional course.


  1. Infrastructure

That goes without saying. Infrastructure defines a college in many ways. DU colleges have vast campuses but lack proper infrastructure. In top IPU colleges, you won’t see broken benches or cracked window panes.

Image 2 Infrastructure

  1. Educational Value

The curriculum in IPU is strictly followed and the teachers are very particular about the assignments. (Not really!) I personally find the rules and regulations are better off in IPU as compared to DU.


  1. Central Cooling Systems

Last, but not the least, majority of IPU colleges have Air Conditioners in the buildings as well as inside the classrooms. It serves as a major help in the hot months of June and July. DU doesn’t really provide ACs in all the classrooms of majority colleges, does it?


*views expressed in the article are personal