3 Mumbai college students broke the gender stereotypes like a BOSS2 min...

3 Mumbai college students broke the gender stereotypes like a BOSS2 min read


So, women’s day passed some time back and yesterday was “bura na maano holi hai!” In our world filled with hypocrites sending international women’s day messages on social media and coloring a girl in the name of festivities, three college boys from Mumbai have been winning over hearts and have become a celebrated case by breaking gender stereotypes.

Why? Well, read on:

Madhusudan Bandar, Jay Vyas and Yash Jain of Nirmal Niketan College in Mumbai, dressed up in clothes that are generally worn by women in a bid to undermine the prevailing gender stereotypes on International Women’s Day and they nailed it! According to these three, it’s unobjectionable when girls step outside in male attires, but when boys try to put something that even closely resembles a girl’s attire, even color, they’re mocked more often than not.

On being asked, Yash said– “When we went out for lunch, there were some office going men who had a big laugh.” Apparently, they borrowed the clothes from their female friends, and they are planning to take it outside the campus as well.

Gender stereotyping game has been so strong, that how every little thing asserted upon us by the patriarchal society is exhausting. Not every girl loves the color pink, and not every guy HAS to be masculine. In fact, over the years, the distress from these nailed down roles of a girl and a boy has led to many peaceful and yet effective revolts and hence, changes.

Kudos to these three youngsters, who defied the norms of society and pulled off this bold stunt, in style of course! In a world where everyone wants to see the change, but not everyone wants to bring about the change, let’s give a shout out to these lads and let them know they’re not alone.

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