Mumbai University guy files petition in court to return his Engineering degree2...

Mumbai University guy files petition in court to return his Engineering degree2 min read


Before I go ahead, let me just clear the air.

No, I am not joking.
Yes, this is news.

A 26 year old Vaibahv Patil, petitioned in the Bombay High Court, to get his Bachelor’s of Engineering (B.E.) revoked; as he was guilt ridden for having paid through one of his exams.

The Court rejected the petition, stating that there was no provision for such a case in the University Act. Also, the judges felt that they need not create more difficulty for him by thrusting him into court for persecution.

Vaibahv said that he was disappointed by the order. He had previously also attempted to get Mumabi University to retract his degree, but faced with such an unusual demand, they were left with no options and so they too denied it.

Since he received his degree, Vaibahv’s conscience has troubled him, because of which he has not taken up any jobs. His confused parents had even tried to give him psychiatric help, which he denied.

He had failed in Maths II, and on suggestions, paid Rs. 20,000 for getting a pass instead. He never used this method again and passed all his exams by fair means. Still, he did not feel he was in the right, and decided to take action.


Vaibahv states that even though he can’t do anything for himself, he has given all the information to the police and hopes that they can find and remove this circle of people who help students cheat; thus, ruining the education system.

Being a student, we all can relate with the pressure that is put up on us by the society (to excel in every subject) and the consequences of failing become too problematic to fathom!

Still, he took up a step and did something unusual to satiate his conscience. Kudos to him for doing the right thing!

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