Neither Bats nor Kryptonite, there was a Wonder all the Way!9 min...

Neither Bats nor Kryptonite, there was a Wonder all the Way!9 min read


Well, well, well. All is well that ends well! Do you not believe this quote? Watch, Batman Vs Superman and you would believe in the very existence of this quote.

Batman Vs Superman has been one of the most anticipated superhero movies of this year for the DC Comics enthusiasts. Well, the movie has really done JUSTICE to all its comic books fans, superhero enthusiasts, DC followers and the Batman and Superhero followers.


Well, I guess there is no need to hide the spoilers as the once who have yet not watched the movie shall not call them DC and MARVEL FANS (I MEAN IT FROM THE CORE OF A DIE-HARD FAN). Anyways, still warning you guys for some SPOILERS, if you have not watched the movie yet.



Covering the basics!

Well, the story revolves around Batman- Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), Superman- Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) primarily along with the explosive and impulsive character and entry of Wonder Woman-Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) in the DC Universe.



Along with other high-profile characters from the DC Universe namely Martha Kent (Diane Lane), Perry White (Laurence Fishburne), Senator Finch (Holly Hunter) and Alfred (Jeremy Irons). The movie is directed by Zack Snyder who has been criticized a lot for his shortcomings in film-making after the release of the movie but then this opinion is not shared by everyone. The most important thing for you to do before watching this movie is to watch its prequel- Man of Steel (2013). The movie was released on 25th March in India and had to face a crash landing on the silver screen as it got good responses from the fans but critically the movie has received negative responses until now.

Now let us come to the main thing‼

The movie is not a slow build up typical Marvel superhero movie (not criticizing MARVEL) and one gets a very clear idea that why does Bruce Wayne, actually starts hating Superman. Superman is the reason of Bruce Wayne’s Company building’s destruction but more than that the Dark Knight feels that if such an alien is left unchecked, it will prove dangerous for his world and might make them his slaves one day. It is one of the most thrilling beginnings for any movie, yes for some it might not be better than Deadpool which had a hilarious beginning but yes definitely not one of those beginnings which you can miss for deciding between a small or large popcorn Combo.



The starting ten minutes of the movie set up perfect tempo for rest of the movie to unveil and one is sure of seeing a deadly duel between Batman and  Superman.



Well, after watching the movie, some might feel that the duel between Batman and Superman could have been better but then I would like to commend Zack Snyder because of his good cinematic skills, the way in which he has carved out various open ends from entire DC Comics world within three hours of runtime. It is interesting to notice that although movie revolves around these two superheroes but still it was able to introduce certain other characters in the movie along with various catchy lines which were enough for hinting the future proceedings in the DC world (spoiler alerts for the next section!), everything has been glued up quite perfectly and the efforts of editor, David Brenner are commendable.

What to expect from them?

 Well, this perfectly defines the Batman which you will see in the Dawn of Justice. The batman is way more intense, brutal and ruthless but one who cares about justice but not exactly about the path chosen. He in short is a typical vigilante perfectly aligning with the comic books and any Batman comic books fan would feel elated at the very sight of batman in the first scene of Ben’s appearance as batman where one might get Goosebumps as the policeman shoots hastily and the Dark Knight easily hovers away from the crime scene. Yes, the Christopher Nolen directed batman Trilogy starring Christian Bale is a good adaption of batman and he has done justice to his role but then Ben Affleck will win when compared, maybe by just a few points (one of them being that it appears as if the character in comics was created after he undertook the role of batman)


The movie has faced a lot of criticism over the portrayal of Superman in the movie. After a successful solo launch in the year 2013, we find Superman stuck with certain dilemmas in this movie. The dilemma of his very existence on this planet and is he actually worth doing what he does. Does he need to prove anything to the public? Is he bound to someone? Or is he not?  The Superman in this movie fights himself for portraying his loyalty and one of the pivotal roles is played by her counterpart Lois lane (Amy Adams) as his love. She is the one who pushes him that one extra mile for being the good guy for the world. He is not even interested in fighting with the Batman but is forced to do so as his mother, Martha is in danger and he can do nothing except fulfilling Lex Luthor’s wish of killing the Dark Knight.




Now, for most of the people who are not die-hard comic fans, this name does not ring bells in their minds so it would be good if we analyze his role and his background more clinically. The role is played superbly by Jesse Eisenberg and Lex seems perfectly fit to be called a truly psychotic and a maniac who has only one mission and that is to demolish Superman. As he says, “devils don’t come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky” and “the red capes are coming” clearly shows his hatred for Superman and that he can go to any extent in order to destroy him. So has he done in the movie and played rather a pivotal role in the entire duel between the two superheroes as he adds the essential fuel to the already burning fire between the two superheroes. He gives birth to the main threat in the movie, Doomsday and he is also the mastermind of the bombing at the senate in the movie and can leave many of you heartbroken as was Superman and Bruce Wayne during the bombing scene.

He certainly has got some of the best dialogues in the movie along with the flawless acting of Jesse and he seems to be completely absorbed in his role throughout the movie.

Shout out‼! This is the best section‼! You Know why? Just see!

My o my! Well, let me take a deep breath and then tell you guys about her. IF you don’t shout and clap like a 10-year-old kid on seeing this scene in the movie then I can rest assure you that the comic books geek inside you has already died and you are watching this movie for the good AC of the cinema hall or for spending some time with your friends or FRIEND (Sorry, if you are able to relate this awkward moment, had no intention to do so. LOL)

Wonder woman actually does wonders in the movie and it would take something really special to beat her entrance in any of the upcoming superhero movies, even Ben and Calvin would be thinking that




Batman-I thought this was our movie?

Superman-I know! But then she just nailed it!



Well jokes Apart!



Alright, Alright no more trolling now! I guess you all would have got a pretty good idea about Batman VS Superman but to our surprise the movie has so much to give us that even this review needs to still go on and tell you about some of the final things which you will definitely like in the movie!

Reports after the epic fight hit the cinemas on 25th March!

The movie has done great in the eyes of the fans but the critics have given it rather low ratings. Rotten Tomato is one of the best movie rating sites and it has given it as low as 26% which is the lowest for DC movies and there seems to be a tug of war between the fans and the critics but no matter all of the criticism which it is facing, Batman Vs Superman; Dawn of Justice has made a worldwide Box Office revenue of $478, 422,793. It is a staggering amount and no matter what the critiques say, the entire crew of movie would be enjoying their success and getting ready for the upcoming movies in coming years!

It has surely been a success but does this not raise a question? Can superhero movies not satisfy both the critique and the fans together? Has this not been done in previous movies such as Avengers, Dark Knight Trilogy and may others? Then when do we call a movie to have been a success or flop? Who decides that? Well. Right now we do not have answers to these questions but they certainly need answers for raising the grade of our movies to an even higher level!

This last section is fast as flash and concise as Ant-Man!

  • You will spot several Easter eggs in the movie and most of them are quite obvious. Some of the big teasers are:-
    • The files consisting information about the flash, Aqua man, Cyborg. It is interesting to notice that the symbols are given to them by Lex himself!
    • Doomsday in the movie is nearby in comparison with the doomsday from comic books.
    • The short appearance of Flash is really important for the future movies of the DC world.
    • The reference of Bruce to Dianna in the end, “we need to find other like you!” is a clear teaser for Justice League.
    • DC has used this movie to unfold most of its future movies and characters in order to create a perfect background for the other superheroes.
    • When Lex is locked up and he says, “the bell cannot be unrung” is a pivotal dialogue and sets up an enticing perspective.
    • Some of the shortcomings of the movie:-
      • If Batman felt that Superman was acting above the law than what was he doing? The movie was a bit unclear from this perspective.
      • The reason for both to finally settle terms with each other is also very unusual and melodramatic like a Hindi movie film.
      • One has to wait for more than one and half hour or more for the duel to finally take place
      • The way in which Superman has been portrayed might not go well with some of the Superman followers and the amount of beating he takes in the movie can surely kill me a thousand times!
      • The once who are not die hard comic fans might not understand several references and some of them being the flash, Aqua man , and the Justice League


So, now without taking up more of your time, bye guys!

I would really like to know your thoughts about the movie in the comments section below and share your best moment of the movie.

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