New to Delhi? Shop your way through (affordably)4 min read

New to Delhi? Shop your way through (affordably)4 min read


Delhi is often known as the fashion capital of India and when it comes to youth, they are ready to explore, experiment with different styles and are always up-to-date with new fashion trends. Shop your way through

But for keeping up with the evolving fashion trends, you have to update your wardrobe every now and then. And for that most of you will think you need to spend a lot of money? Well, that’s where comes Campus Drift to the rescue. In our very own Delhi we will be taking you around some places to shop without burning a hole in your pocket. Shop your way through

Shop your way through

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Hone up your bargaining skills and get ready!

  1. Janpath market – Janpath is a place located at the heart of Delhi, a place where you can find everything from traditional to hippie attire, from jholas to jotis at an extremely reasonable price.

Location– Janpath, just off Connaught Place, in central Delhi.

How to reach– The easiest way to reach is by a metro to the Janpath metro station and then the market is a walking distance away.

Tips– Try to bargain with half of the original price, visit at morning hours after 9 a.m. and go on Monday as the market is stocked with new stock. Carry a shopping bag with you.

  1. Palika bazaar –If it is too hot to go outside under the scorching sun, then Palika bazaar is the place for you. A fully air-conditioned underground market near the Janpath market where you can find both electronic, food and clothes at extremely affordable price(Given you know how to bargain).

Location– Rajiv Chowk near Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

How to reach– Market is near the Rajiv Chowk metro station so taking a metro is the best option we recommend.

Tips– Bargaining is most effective here when you are in a group and beware of fake electronics items. Check the packed items before heading home.

*you have been warned*

  1. Sarojini Nagar market – Sarojini Nagar shortly known as SN is a delight to the senses of a shopper where you can get anything to everything. It is famous for its trendy and branded clothes at a throw away price. Adjoining to it is Babu market, so you won’t run out of options.

Location– Brigadier Hoshiyar Singh Marg, Block H, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110023

How to reach– Nearest metro station to SN market is INA  and then you can easily get an auto or bus to your destination.

Tips-Carry a gigantic bag with you because carrying all the small polythenes can hurt your fingers. All the new stuff comes on Thursday, so prefer to go on that day. The mantra is bargain, bargain and bargain. Be sure to check your clothes for holes, faulty zips, unstitched buttons and so on.

  1. Lajpat Nagar market – Another very popular flea market in south Delhi to fetch good quality clothes at affordable prices.

Location– South New Delhi, near Defense Colony (between Greater Kailash and South Extension).

How to reach– The most convenient way is by taking a metro to the Lajpat Nagar metro station and then you can go on foot or take a rickshaw to the main market.

Tips– Try to buy things from shops located on the inside than on the front of the market. Bargain and negotiate with the shop keepers. To avoid rush it is advisable to check in early.

  1. Paharganj -Some of the best bargain shopping in Delhi can be found in the crumbling and the chaotic Main Bazaar of the Paharganj. You get a whole range of things there- books, jewelry, leather bags, footwear at prices that are romantic to your pocket.

Location– Paharganj, main market, opposite New Delhi railway station

How to reach– The best way is to take a metro to R.K ashram and navigate your way to the main bazaar of Paharganj.

Tips– Try to go during the morning hours. And don’t forget to bargain..

  1. Kamla Nagar market– Kamla Nagar is the heart of North Campus, always buzzing with college students. It is famous for its street shopping, food and brands. You can get affordable books, clothes, bags, food, etc. here.

Location– Kamla Nagar Market, bungalow road, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi,

How to reach– Get down at Vishwa Vidhayala and take a rickshaw from there to Kamla Nagar market.

Tips- Try to negotiate with the shop keeper and visit when most of the stores offer discounts. 

Be a step ahead in style and enjoy your shopping. If this helped then let your gang know about it and have a great day! Share it and show us some love (Please…)

Warning: I am not responsible if this article causes a thermo-neuclear war, bank robbery, pregnant girlfriend, or Trump winning the elections. So go out on your own risk.