News To Shock Civil Services Aspirants – Unbelievable!2 min read

News To Shock Civil Services Aspirants – Unbelievable!2 min read


News To Shock Civil Services Aspirants

According to Hindustan Times Report, there was a panel meeting set up by UPSC (Union Public Services Commission), the purpose of which was to ‘Reject demands to reintroduce additional papers in the civil services examinations for the candidates to join IAS and IFS.’

  • This panel was headed by former education secretary BS BASWAN.
  • The officers from these two services (IAS & IFS) vividly demanded the UPSC either to hold a separate exam for the two services or at least get aspirants to write the additional papers to qualify.
  • The commission also asked if it should continue recruiting candidates for 24 diverse services – ranging from the IAS to the Indian Railway Personnel Service – from the same civil services examination.

Statistically speaking, over four lac graduates appear for the examination every year that offers fewer than one in four hundred a chance of success. The 1,000 candidates who clear the three-stage examination are recruited to any of the 24 civil services depending on their performance.

More than 90% of all successful candidates list the administrative service as their first choice. Only about 180 get it.

The rest have to settle for anything ranging from the Indian Police Service and the Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax) to the Indian Information Service and the Indian Audit & Accounts Service.

Hindustan Times Report also quoted that “From 1951 to 1979, aspirants hoping to get into the IAS or IFS had to write three optional papers – unlike two for aspirants for other services – and then, two more additional papers. The optional papers were of the graduate level but the syllabus of the two additional papers was of postgraduate level.

But here is the catch, Of all the jobs, IAS services is like head over heels most of the aspirants are inclined towards this.

Although, the commission has not found any bona fide and plausible reason to reintroduce these papers.

The Panel has to submit the report by mid-August.

We hope that the decision works completely in favour of the aspirants and ease their burden of two additional exams! Follow us for more student related news and fun!

By Shefali Gautam