Nobody cares about a foreign degree and here’s why3 min read

Nobody cares about a foreign degree and here’s why3 min read


Your MBA degree has no value until it’s from an IIM or a Harvard! This one statement is heard by every undergraduate who’s looking forward to pursuing his/her post-graduation.

Getting a way through in these top-notch institutes drain out the energy of students. Here’s how the procedure goes:

The students become a part of the “coaching factories” which charge a handful amount and offer the guarantee (which is never on an affidavit) of securing a high score in GMAT or IELTS.

If the students are unable to crack it, they end up worrying about their future & fall into depression. Life becomes senseless and the idea of success becomes blurred for the young eyes.

But ever wondered, why is this the case? The pressure to take admission in a reputed university is being encroached upon the youth and it is increasing day by day. Are you also caught up in this trauma?

We live in the 21st century but the societal taboo of marks defining the boundaries of education still exists. 80% of the Indian youth do not secure good marks in the competitive exams, does it mean that none of them would be successful in their lives?  Isn’t there a world beyond these competitive exams?

The resilience and ability to cope with difficult situations determine the life of a person and not the degree of some college, which sadly is fed to us starting from the age of 5 and continues till 25 after which you’re either the next Ambani or umm nothing?

The obsession with a good college which offers a higher probability of a ‘six-digit salary job’ is not bad, but it becomes a huge burden on the shoulders of students falling into the vicious cycle of depression and failure. Not everyone is a scholar, but does it justify that they’re not talented or are incapable of doing anything? And who the hell said that everyone has to lead? You CAN be a number 2 and be the best at it. Yes, not all of us are the same but what matters Is that you give your best at your position. Really.

We give students heavy textbooks to read for the first 20-22 years of their life without really exposing them to the professional market and then judge their capability based on the text (hahaha, funny). Whereas, the tests in the practical world are completely different. People who don’t excel in theory may do better than the scholars in the practical world.

Globalization may have affected the lifestyle of people but the definition of success in life remains the same. The binary system of the society has divided students into sects of “successful” and “unsuccessful”, where successful would be getting admitted into IIMs or Oxford for MBA and unsuccessful would be doing it from an ordinary college.

We have live examples of world leaders like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Narendra Modi who were not successful academicians in their life, but their foundations and policies are leading the world today!

So, don’t bother what the advertisements of these global marketers say. In the long run, the degree from these universities don’t decide your future, your calibre does!

Edits By: Avica Bedi