The Techno-Managerial fest of Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Dwarka we’d been waiting for will finally come to life to leave an impressionable mark on everyone. With the sincere efforts and perseverance team of INNO 2k16, we intend to take a journey to the untouched reality. Since the future comes one day at a time, that day commences on 9thMarch till 12th March, 2016. With the theme, Back to the Future and Zero as our Mascot who is lost in time, we bring forth a plethora of events with limelight on technical ones.

Techelon-the online coding competition, Panel Discussions wherein clash of wits and intellectual debates would take place, Robotica consisting of a wide range of robotics competition,  and not to forget, the sudden gush of blood in our veins in the Bike show. This is nothing but a teeny-tiny peek into what Innovision encompasses.

And for those who aren’t coders or much into Robotics, don’t worry as our fest caters to all-the Managerial and literary events, internship fair where all the renowned companies come under one roof and provide internship to prospective students, DJ Night, Laser show, The Bellagio (Casino simulation game) and many more events in our endless list which are sure to entertain you till the last ounce of your presence. To add feather to our cap, we have Defense Expo – The exhibition of the massive artillery and missiles that our Indian Army entails, which is sure to leave many open-mouthed.

With time blunting the edges of our past memories, it is necessary to make new ones and celebrate them to the fullest. Innovision 2k16 is the Techno-Managerial fest of NSIT and towards the end of it, Zero won’t be the only one lost in time, but you as well with the exhilarating experience which we promise.

For more information, check out: www.innovisionnsit.in