Omfg! Pearl academy to be shut down- says UGC.2 min read

Omfg! Pearl academy to be shut down- says UGC.2 min read

pearl academy to shut down

Pearl academy to be shut down

“The University Grants Commission (UGC) has instructed Pearl Academy, a Delhi-based fashion and management institute with centres in Noida, Jaipur and Mumbai, to stop awarding joint degrees with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) of Britain and close all its centres.”
-Hindustan Times (June 9th 2016)

The shut down is primarily caused by its tie-up with the Britain based foreign university, which is not allowed in India. It was further mentioned in the UGC notice that Pearl Academy was “not authorized to grant any degree either in a standalone mode or in collaboration..”
The collaboration between Pearl Academy and NTU has been going on since 1995, but lacks an official authorized signatory which is required for any such joint venture. Apart from this, Pearl Academy is not actually an university at all, and as per the UGC norms only a university can have a collaboration with a foreign university with proper authorization in India.
This incident is similar to last year, wherein Mewar University’s collaboration with Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) was declared illegal.
About 4000 students will suffer the consequences due to this order against Pearl Academy, which again is similar to the 4000 students who are fighting a legal battle of the Mewar University.
Alongside these orders, UGC has also declared a list of 22 Fake Universities, stating that according to the that section 23 of the UGC Act the use of word University by institutions other than those established by the norms is prohibited.
Only last year, UGC had also ordered 10 institutes including NMIMS, TIFR and BITS Pilani to shut off-campus centres, as they were unauthorized.
With these mounting problems against unauthorized processes by institutions, one is left no choice but to be wary about the system of knowledge that they enter into. It is required to be aware of the jurisdictions such that we are not left standing fighting a battle for our respective degrees and diplomas.
We hope that whatever decision is taken, the students don’t get to face troubles for them. What are your views? Let us know.