OOOPS! RAKHI did it AGAIN!1 min read

OOOPS! RAKHI did it AGAIN!1 min read


If there’s one thing Rakhi is known for, that surely has to be how to make a publicity stunt out of everything. Yes, I am talking about her latest “campaign”. She has taken Balika Vadhu actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s tragic alleged suicide to a whole new level. Well other celebrities are trying to put Rahul Raj behind the bars (aka grabbing their 10 seconds to fame); here Rakhi, holding a little fan, is trying to make a really strange appeal.

In a press conference held at a banquet hall in Mumbai’s Oshiwara area, Sawant made two claims: one, that she was in possession of a video that would reveal that Banerjee’s death wasn’t a suicide, and two, that ceiling fans were indirectly responsible for the lives of thousands of young, fragile women across the country.

According to her, it is more important to remove ceiling fans than saying Bharat Mata ki Jai and if parents truly love their children, they should get rid of these ceiling fans immediately (RIP logic).

As crazy as it sounds, it’s actually not a really bad idea. Infact, in 2010, a four-member team probing the suicide of a student at IIT Kanpur, one of India’s premier engineering colleges, had recommended that the ceiling fans be replaced by pedestal fans.

On the other hand we have a South Korean legend called ‘fan death’ which says that leaving an electric fan running in a closed room can cause deaths!

What do you guys think? Is getting rid of ceiling fans a good idea? Will it stop people from committing suicides? Or does Rakhi again prove that some people are indeed not blessed with brains?