Preparations for the V- Day ! The Day of Love4 min read

Preparations for the V- Day ! The Day of Love4 min read


Hey folks ! It’s the time of the year again when lovers around the world look out for ways to express their love and prove their commitment. Just like every year, this year too shall witness  couples getting  busy buying chocolates, cards among other impressive gifts for their ‘Valentine’  with some even planning  grand surprises for their loved ones on the day of Love.

It’s a no big secret if i say that markets and showrooms are being painted and decorated with the colour of love a week prior to the Valentines  Day with shops selling special and customized gifts for Valentines, making it easier for lovers to fetch good gifts and impress their respective partners as well as revel in the week long preparation for the V-Day !. Everyone puts their best foot forward trying to make this day special and memorable  for their beloved in one way or the other ( the single people can hope to actually find one, this Valentines  :P).



Lots of couple pictures and selfies rule this day, which goes a long way to tell the tale of their love and promises to the world ( if the couple are social media savvy ).  In short,  this is the time of the year when love is in the air, the time when romance and passion are on its peak. The times when love rejuvenates itself and spreads it’s wings across the world.  It quite literally becomes  a festival that  breaks the geographical,  linguistic, cultural and every other existing  barrier and is celebrated with . This is probably the only festival which is celebrated by everyone across the globe with same zeal and enthusiasm. Sayings like  “love knows no boundary” and “love knows no language”are well established by the spirit of this festival itself.


As love is redefined in the present times, so is its portrayal in Hindi movies. Typical  Bollywood portrayal has this day as, when a guy gets down on his knees with a bunch of roses in his hand and proposes to the girl he loves. The girl too reciprocates  the love and then we have the hero and the heroine dancing on a romantic song from the film. This is ultimately followed by a happy ending . However, the actual and real story of Valentine’s day didn’t end in any happy ending or happily lived ever after. Unfortunately,  the story is  one of sacrifice, pain, separation,  a gruesome tale of two lovers who are’nt destined to be together in the end.

Let’s have a closer look at the foundation or the reason behind celebrating Valentines Day . The legend goes back to 270AD when St. Valentines  went against the king’s order and assisted in getting the lovers of the town married .  The then king, Cladius II , believed that  single men made better soldiers and thus he stopped the young men from marrying. He imprisoned St. Valentine for helping young couples to marry and elope. Thus it was celebrated as the feast day of Saint Valentine observed on 14 th February each year.

According to  another legend it says that, St. Valentine while imprisoned fell in love with the king’s blind daughter. Before being executed he wrote a farewell letter to her beloved which ended with “From your Valentine”. Their love story was a true epitome of love,  one where St. Valentine offered help  to get back her sight with his love and faith in God. The  tradition of signing off love letters on Valentine’s by “from your valentine” is derived from the same.

Valentine’s Day symbolises the spirit of love.  There are a few other similar tales about Valentine’s day which slightly vary according to various Roman and Catholic cultures and folktales. But the underlying message across all the tales is the message of love !

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Valentines  Day has a greater significance  than just exchanging gifts and roses with your partner. Or, making promise to be together forever, to love till eternity etc.  Rather it symbolises  true love and  sacrifice of a real kind.  It brings out the inner meaning of commitment and relationship, the ‘sense of togetherness’. The love in its purest form is what that this day is all about.

So to all the lovers out there, get down  on your knees with roses and confess your love to that person you have been thinking about for so long. Take a few risks, decide your own future and create beautiful memories and moments to share with your children and grand children. As, this festival will bless you with your desired love, the love cupid will surely hit you!!

I won’t end by saying best of luck, but best of love. 🙂

Posted by – Nitisha Tandon

Credits – Pragya.