5 Productive Things for College Students to do this Summer3 min read

5 Productive Things for College Students to do this Summer3 min read


Summer is that time of the year when you are neither burdened with any academic goal nor you can call yourself free (urggh the confusion of it!).

Here are some practical and productive things for college students that you might want to try this summer after all, we know you’re all living in vellapan.  Check them out:

  1. Books

It’s not always about the thick academic manuscripts which horrify you during the exam nights. Books can also work as a great source of entertainment and knowledge (of course).

If you’re not habitual of reading try some books we’d like to suggest: ‘The Deception Point by Dan Brown (sci-fi thriller), ‘The Lost Symbol (thriller) or search on Goodreads which book might interest you.

If you’re already tired or ran out of books then why don’t start writing one of your own? 😉

  1. Learn a new language

When life gets boring as hell freshen it up by giving it a fresh start. Learning a new language always turns out to be a thrilling experience, you can trust us on that part.

If you get into a language course start listening to the music of that same language and the summer will pass with a smile. You can enrol into some courses here http://grs.du.ac.in/courses/partTimeCourses.html

Or you might want to check out some amazing courses offered by https://www.lynda.com/

  1. How about cooking?

I know you all might be sick and tired of the food offered at the hostels or PGs. Home in other words also mean good food.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy, ask your dear mommy to teach you her special recipes so that you can satisfy your hunger according to the taste you want. Cooking is a great way to distress. So be an intern with your mother at her department of food and happiness.

This would keep your parents happy and you’ll get delicious food and increased freedom in return (yeah we do care for your taste buds).

  1. Summer internship

Yes, when you’ll be looking for a job after college you’re gonna need a fancy and eye catching CV so start building it right now! Engage yourself in a summer internship.

Doesn’t matter if it’s online or offline, it must provide a certificate and learning experience (stipend is always welcome). What I’ll personally suggest is to work for an NGO.

Social work makes a huge impact in a CV, made for any purpose. Here are some option you might want to look into: http://voice4girls.org/careers-fellowship.html

For regular internships you can check various websites designed for this purpose and you can join us as well! Yeah, we are looking for people like you.

  1. Excursion

Now this is the most common and exciting thing to do regardless of season. Plan out a trip to a hill station with your family or friends to escape the scorching heat in rest of the parts of India.

If you want to try some uncommon holiday destinations which are not crowded with feasible route here are some suggestions:

Uttrakhand: Chopta, Chakrata, Mukteshwar and Binsar

Himachal Pradesh: Jalodi Pass, Chandratal Lake and hope you’re aware of Manali, Shimla and Narkanda.

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