This is what College students have to stay about ban on punjabi...

This is what College students have to stay about ban on punjabi singers by DU colleges2 min read


Caution: a highly sensible article, proceed with care ☺

Never failing to surprise the nation, Delhi University yet again succeeds in turning some heads. But before we get into the details, a round of applause to the country that started the year 2017 with mass molestation in New Year’s Eve and dauntless groping of women in Bangalore, rape and murder of 80-year old in Haryana, gang rape in Murthal, oh and the never-ending horror.

Amidst all these appalling and sick news, which we go through sitting on our comfortable chairs and scrolling down there have been some earnest and hard-ball attempts to retaliate.

Such is an attempt made by the girls’ colleges of Delhi University. Miranda House, Lady Sri Ram, Gargi and Kamla Nehru are some of the colleges that have taken the charge of banning Punjabi singers such as Honey Singh, Badshah and others from their annual fests. This motive got its foundation from the very idea that the “cool” songs demeaning the character of women must be made obsolete by banning them and not encouraging such artists.

“Suna tere college me mere gaane ban hai, padhne likhne ka tera na koi plan hai”

I don’t know what this guy was thinking but he did predict the future that he’ll be banned in some college and the Principal or the teachers or the students let alone, are so NOT his fans.

“Patient hu tere husn ka, patience meri test na kar.”

Congratulations on making this song a party anthem by the way.

After conducting a survey regarding the bold decision being taken, we have had some very fascinating responses from some of the students of various colleges. Kavya Sharma, from Gargi College thinks “They sing songs which represent girls as some dumb beauty objects which are easily attainable!” Ramsha Datta, from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College says “I have never been a fan of Honey Singh or Badshah. Not only are they totally dependent on auto-tuner but literally have crappy-sexist lyrics which are never pleasant to hear.”

Not only students from DU approve of this motion, but students from all over Delhi have acknowledged the bantam move. An Indraprastha University student, Megha states, “I think it’s an excellent decision taken by the girls. If we talk about protection of women’s rights, then such songs should not be entertained.” The boys of our generation have also agreed upon this being a good decision.

In this world full of inhumane acts, we all need to do our part to tapper them off. As Gandhi once said ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Every great revolution had begun with a small spark. The team of Campus Drift would like to render their utmost support to the students. Kudos!

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