Cherry on the cake for DU or a slip from the podium?...

Cherry on the cake for DU or a slip from the podium? The latest QS World University Rankings out now3 min read


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Cherry on the cake or a slip from the podium


Delhi University will undoubtedly remain one of the top universities in our country but in today’s world where a person sitting in Canada is SnapChatting his cousin in Noida or a Bff enjoying vacation in Ibiza sending you live feeds or a suspicious mom looking at your room through video calls, it is important that on a global level also our commodities and universities are well recognized.

So, does our Delhi University provide us with that status? If not a satisfactory yes then yes at least we can be happy that even after slipping one place down in the QS World University Rankings, DU is acknowledged as one of the top 20 universities with a dignified 18th spot for development studies. This has been highest for any Indian university or college in the sixth edition of subject-focused rankings. Although, the Indian Institutes of Technology remain to be the dominant force in the ranking game and 14 coveted IIT’s in the rankings.

Why should we trust any such rankings and what is the basis?

Well, first of all this is for all those who have no idea as to how any given ranking or research is carried out. Such rankings are not decided by a group of pundits or by computer systems rather most of such rankings are based on a number of criteria’s and all possible steps are taken to keep the rankings as accurate as possible. As of this QS ranking, around 76,798 academics and 44,426 employees had been consented. More than that around 29 million research papers and around 113 million citation sources from the Scopus Elsevier bibliometric database had been analysed.

Oh but then who is the best?


IIT-B is definitely one of the most pre-eminent universities in India as per subject level and this can be proved from more than 14 subject table rankings and this is a record in itself amidst the 21 universities which have featured at least one in any of the given subjects.

Few other institutes falling in line are IIT Delhi in the 45 th place for electronics and electrical engineering, IIS Bangalore at the 47 th place for material science.

The Indian Universities occupy around 114 places among all the ranked universities and institutes where we have seen an increase from 107 in 2015. Although the share of ranks has marginally dropped from 1.29% in 2015 to 1.25% in 2016.

What did experts have to say on this?

The head of QS intelligence unit, Ben Sowter said that even though US and the UK dominated the ranking tables but then excellence in several fields could be found in many new countries which included Austria, South Africa, Finland, China, Brazil and many others in the top ten table.

The vice chairman of QS rankings, Karthick Sridhar said that QS ranking is specifically helpful in bringing up universities which have excellence in particular subjects and they have to face negligence at world ranking because of this factor, as most of the rankings are released on the basis of entire university.

He also mentioned that our president had visited few of the top-notch universities in India and urged them to be in contact with ranking agencies and provide them with the required data needed for international benchmarking.

So, guys all we can say is that our Government is not too subtle out ranking systems but then at least it is not sitting statically too and we are in the right direction under guidance of our DU, IIT’s and many other institutions.

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