Quick Hacks To Dress Comfy This Summer!!2 min read

Quick Hacks To Dress Comfy This Summer!!2 min read


Figuring out what to wear in the morning when 50% of your brain is so worked up already is real hard! Summer is fabulous. How’s a girl supposed to stay cool, comfortable and cute while sweating buckets under the harsh rays of the sun?! Easy and comfy are the two aspects we look out for in summer. I personally like clothes that are comfortable and airy! During summer most people engage in activities that relax the body and mind. This is why the dress codes change to comfortable, light yet stylish for the long, hot summer.

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Printed lightweight pants or skirts paired with a crisp top can give just the right amount of ease (with polish!) for a dressed-up look that’s still comfortable during the summer heat. Try a maxi-length skirt or lightweight trouser paired with a comfortable top; the length can help to make it feel dressier and more elegant.







Accessories are a great way to add polish to a comfortable summer outfit. Grab a pair of flats to pair up with your lightweight summer dress, or add a statement necklace to your easy T-shirt or blouse. Keep the outfit casual, but layer up the jewellery, and don’t forget the toes and the lipstick! Many a times it’s the little things that have the most impact. A simple outfit can be instantly dressed up with a bold lip and nail color.



Summer is unbearable. The heat, dust and sweat literally drives everyone crazy! But it is the time when you can experiment with lively and fresh colors. Make Inline image 5sure you are prepared to take full advantage of summer’s best offerings. However, be careful while you dress up. Always remember to do hassle free dressing and do not forget to complete your summer look with stylish sunglasses!


By Ankita Roy

for Campus Drift