The breakup rumors are a hoax, all is well between Ram-Leela!2 min...

The breakup rumors are a hoax, all is well between Ram-Leela!2 min read


Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are one of the hottest B-Town couples (couple goals, style goals, goals and GOALS). But recently, rumor mills have been abuzz with growing trouble in their paradise.

Well, a lot of buzz kept B-town awake all night because it was stated one night that the hot couple, DeepVeer too were heading for splitsville. With such a humongous fan base for their love story, of course it was a day of shock and sadness. What seemed to have triggered the couple’s love story falling in the pit of breakup was Deepika’s happiness towards Shahid’s inclusion as the cast of “Padmavati” was announced.

Well, you can just say that there were all these kind of stories doing the rounds. But finally Ranveer Singh and Deepika cleared all the prevailing rumors, hence proving them baseless!


In an interview with a leading entertainment daily, Ranveer stated, “These are the rubbish kind of stories that I have also read about my rifts with Deepika, Mr Bhansali and Shahid.”

“Some of the articles were appalling and that’s why I’m clearing the air now,” said the actor. And well, of course we can always trust Deepika Padukone to come up with a dignified response every time speculations about her personal life are made public.

In an interview given to a leading daily Deepika Padukone responded to the rumors saying, “I have understood it (the speculations) well enough to know what I should absorb and what I shouldn’t.”


Well, the actress has clearly refuted all the speculations about her breakup and feels her commitment towards her work has been woven in a different manner by the media. Their relationship might have hit a rough patch but doesn’t that happen to every couple? There’s always this one time period when things aren’t going right but it soon passes away.

Anyway, finally all the rumors and gossip mongers can take a chill pill and go into hiding as the actors themselves have given quotes about all the rumors which certainly were a hoax!

Thank goodness for that! Keep following.