There might be reservation for girls in IITs soon2 min read

There might be reservation for girls in IITs soon2 min read


A panel in IITs has recommended reservation for girl students in Indian Institutes of Technology or IITs to address the issue of a slump in the number of women students entering the prestigious institutes. The committee is learnt to have suggested creating up to 20 per cent supernumerary seats for girls out of the total number of seats.

The recommendation of the committee will be taken up in the meeting of the joint admission board (JAB) for a final decision, which will decide whether the reservation will come in effect from this year or from 2018.

Concerned by the slump in number of girl students entering IITs, the JAB has set up a sub-committee under the chairmanship of professor Timothy Gonsalves to find ways to rectify the situation in the institutes.

Well, we agree that the decision has been made keeping in mind the girl education campaign. And it’s great to promote girl candidates for acquiring higher education. This was done because over 1,000 cracked the examination (roughly 10% of the total 10,000 seats) in 2015; only 840 female students (coming up to 8%) made it to the institutes in 2016-17. As many as 10,500 students landed B.Tech seats at 23 IITs across the country this time, as per the statistics.

It was learnt that there has been a 2% dip in the number of girls who cleared JEE-Advanced in 2016 as compared to 2015. The committee claims that this will not affect the seats of the male candidates.

However, everyone is certain that in a country where there is already more than enough number of reservations for getting admissions and clearing such entrance examination, one more such reservation will prove to be disastrous for “General Male” category.

People are giving arguments on the fact that on one hand we call and strike for equality of the rights for the girls! Then why a “VIP” treatment is given to them by providing such a reservation when several category reservations are already present in the country?

The reservations must be based on economic standards of the individual and not on ‘gender’ or ‘caste’. This is because we often talk about ‘gender equality’ and ‘abolition of caste system’ but inequalities in both of these arenas are what give people a chance to land up a good seat in a good college. It is believed that the deserving will acquire the benefit by all fair means without the need of ‘reservations’. The final decision is still pending but this will surely provoke a debate.

What are your thoughts on this? Should we now forget the true meaning of feminism or this decision should again be considered “necessary”? let us know in comments section below.