BeeWise is an auto expense manager application. It helps users track all their daily expenses without additional hassle. Users can visualize their expenses in real time across categories, time and merchants. It is highly secure since no bank integrations are required. Facilitates automatic category tagging without entering any data. Track spends across mediums: Card, Cash, Net Banking, Savings. Extremely user-friendly and light on the hardware. Covers over 1 million merchants across India. It supports several banks like HDFC, SBI, ICICI, AXIS, IDBI, CITI, SC, YES, KOTAK etc.


People have mixed reviews on this application. Some say that the manual category does not work for the same vendor as the app is not able to put in correct category so one manually assigns one transaction to suitable category. However, the app should automatically move the entries of same vendor. Similarly, the app calculates all debits from all accounts. This leads to duplication in debit amounts. When one person makes a transaction using a credit card, that transaction gets added as a debit amount and later when the credit card bill is paid, that amount again is added to debit amount. The app should be able to recognize a credit card transaction and a credit card bill payment and only one in the spending. Also some have privacy issues with the application. BeeWise gets to read all their messages and bank transactions. There is no privacy policy on the application and people are very unsure about it.

While on the other hand some just loved the app as it makes their daily lifestyle easy and also loved the seamless interface. Now people have started caring for their expenses!


By Akanksha

for Campus Drift