Roshandaan celebrates “Slippers Day” by donating 200+ Slippers1 min read

Roshandaan celebrates “Slippers Day” by donating 200+ Slippers1 min read


In the rough and tumble of life, when everyone is busy mechanically adhering to the stereotypical role in modern times, team Roshandaan, formed by a bunch of self-motivated individuals to make a difference to the society, did something unprecedented in Delhi NCR region one hot afternoon which would be etched as a landmark in the history of Roshandaan.


The members came out in the glaring heat on the 1st of May, a day that also commemorates one year anniversary of its foundation, distributed 100+ slippers to the poverty-stricken and the neglected ones in the society-who seared their feet in this hot weather forever- by visiting all nooks and corners possible. For many, pair of slippers were a dream unrealised until then; for some, a moment of gratefulness for this compassionate gesture. The team started by the day by distributing slippers at an old age home Gurukul, located close to Faridabad-Gurgaon highway and moved to the temporary dwellings beneath IIT flyovers and beneath Chattarpur metro handing out slippers to the needy ones.

The enthusiastic members started this initiative online on Facebook and the campaign was spread far and wide by word of mouth as well. Donations in the form of money and used slippers came pouring in and the members also contributed individually to accomplish this exceptionally human yet simple act of kindness. The blessings we earned and the joy we spread in the hearts of poor people was very awe-inspiring.


Roshandaan is the true torch bearer of humanity and nothing delights us more than putting a smile on the face of common disadvantaged lot in the society.

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