How to Score well in Internals1 min read

How to Score well in Internals1 min read


With only a month left for semester exams it is the time for internals, and here are some tricks for scoring well in internals. As marks and the efforts that you put in are not always in agreement, so what makes the difference? Here are some short cuts to score well in internals :

  • Do plan


Planning is the most important thing when it comes to internals and their preparation. Divide the topics and prepare accordingly after all it’s better than wasting your time panicking!


  • Strategies


There needs to full awareness as to what to study, importance of the topics as per previous years’ papers.Although the time you devote depends upon the time that you are left with, but still it is advisable to divide your available time into three slots, 50% of your time you should study the topics for first time and then revise all topics in next 30% of your time and only important topics in remaining 20% of your time.


Source :

  • How to Write well in internals!


Do remember that what you are going to study for 6 months will be judged in 3 hours, so it is important to present yourself well in the exams. So, Read the questions carefully and do not panic at all, try to be 15 minutes early to everything and you won’t face any problem.


“if you think you can-you can

If you think you cannot-you cannot

Either way you are right”-Shiv Khera.