The Seven NEW Definitions of Style!2 min read

The Seven NEW Definitions of Style!2 min read


From the nail paint of your toe to those highlights of your head, every little thing says a lot about your Style. From bizarre trendy looks to those royal dark brands, we have a lot of options to either make us the
“Yayy” or the “Nayy” one!

For some, style is wearing Rajouri’s high end brands while for some its Sarojani’s sexy street wear.

A lot has been said, a lot has been written but style continues to perplex people with its continuously changing definitions. So, to make your work a little easier we are here with 7 different perspectives of defining style!


  • Style is elegance

Elegance is not only what u wear and how u dress, it’s how u speak, how you carry yourself. Style is but a definition of one’s ability to carry oneself, hence style is elegance.




  • Style is eternal.

Eternal not only means permanent but it also means imperishable and everlasting. Style is definitely an enduring treasure that lasts with you forever, hence style is eternal.


  • Style is comfort.

Comfort means a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint and you are more of “yourself” when you carry what you’re comfortable in, hence style is comfort.


  • Style is sophistication

Sophistication is an internal refinement that comes from within as  one’s experience increases and there is no doubt that one’s style becomes more polished and fine with the passage of time hence style is sophistication.


  • Style is simplicity

The simplest definition of simplicity says ‘things that are easy to understand’ and since style is not like complicated chemical equations or economics demand supply graph that goes over your head, it is somewhat simple. Also, what a white t-shirt with a classic pair of blue jeans can do, we all must have seen. Hence style is simplicity.;)


  • Style is sexy

Sexy does not always  mean seductive or alluring but it also means wearing your outfit in a way that brings out your best . Since style counts your ability to wear your most revealing dress in a manner that does not look uncomfortable, style is sexy.


  • Style is edgy

Though according to the dictionary, the meaning of edgy says something else (we will not tell you here!) but a lot of people define it as being cool and if this is so, then style is the funkiest, edgiest thing ever! Hence style is edgy.


So guys let your moods decide your style, don’t let these trends to make you their puppets. Be crazy in your style, be yourself and be confident about what you carry.

And if you find something missing or if style means something else for you let us know in the comments section 🙂