Shah Rukh Khan charms us again, this time with poetry skills!3 min...

Shah Rukh Khan charms us again, this time with poetry skills!3 min read


“Being male is a matter of birth, being man is a matter of age, being a gentleman is a matter of choice.”- Unknown

Being a man is not difficult but being a gentleman, well that surely is.

 Not a lot of men that we are surrounded by, have this quality in them. But we do know somebody who has all the traits of a gentleman and he is none other than Mr. Shahrukh Khan’.

A gesture by him during a recent event has clearly shown how much respect he has for women. 

At the launch of Gunjan Jain’s debut book ‘She walks she leads’ in Mumbai, Shahrukh Khan recited an overwhelming poem dedicated to the empowerment of all the girls and women in this world.

We all are very much aware of Shahrukh’s brilliance with words. He has given us yet another proof of the same with his beautiful poem ‘Fight like a girl’. The heart wrenching poem is an inspiration to all the women out there who fight with the social evils in this world.

The poem reads:

This is for girls who stay up all night, This is for you who are willing to fight,

For hidden fears, Hurt, pain, and tears, Under the smiles, laughs, and giggles we hear.

Let your hair down, straight or curls, you’re beautiful because you fight like a girl.

For girls who wears short skirts, And their heart on their sleeve, For girls who know how difficult, It is to believe,

The girls who scream and cry, Into their pillows and tell them their goals, For girls who have a secret, But can’t tell a soul.

Let your eyes be your diamond, Make them your pearls; you’re beautiful because you fight like a girl.

For girls who have made mistakes, and have regrets galore, Because you fight like a girl.

For the girls who love with all their heart, Although it sometimes gets broke, To who think it’s over, To real girls, to all girls, Who have tears to soak.

You throw, you pick up, and fall, But just tell the world, I’m beautiful, Because I fight like a girl.”

According to the heart throb, women have shaped his life since it began. This includes his grandmother, wife, daughter and all the females he has worked with in the industry. 

“They have helped me achieve 100 per cent of what I am today. I wouldn’t be half a man without these women. I owe my life to them.”

With all the amazing things that he’s said about women, you’re surely going to admire him for life and well, the poem! 

The poem would definitely make you fall for him if you haven’t fallen head over heels by his charm! 

Isn’t it great to have some sensible and respecting stars in the industry who actually talk sense?

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