shamaAs a writer, an author, a psychologist and an artist; Shama Patel holds a post-grad degree in ‘Marriage and Family Counseling’. She serves as an inspiration to the youth and there is a lot to learn from her. She is found bringing black and white images to life through her sketching. When not writing she spends her time listening to music, appreciating nature or meeting people over masala chai!

Read on and find out more about her!

  1. You’ve been gifted with multiple talents. Tell us something about them?

Thank you so muchJ  Well I do believe that we all have a multi faceted life. The more time we spend with ourselves, the more we become capable of discovering several hidden talents that each one of us posses. I am blessed to have become conscious of some of these talentsJ I am a Psychologist, an Author, a Motivational Speaker and an Artist. I love living every bit of these so called talents, as each one of these talent is capable of making me fall in love with myself and my lifeJ

  1. You are a trained Psychologist by profession. You are an artist and accomplished author too. How do you manage your time between your passion and your profession?

I would like to believe that I have converted my passion into my professionJ My book is the best example of this where I merged my Psychology background and my passion for art and writing. I ensure that I live every moment of my life without drawing a demarcation between personal and professional. For me, its one life, so whatever time I get and have, I believe in living that time being MeJ

  1. What triggered the writer in you and what motivated you to write a book? Did you find a tough time finding publishers?

My personal and professional (intentional demarcation) experiences motivated me to come up with ’21 Ways of Being Happy’. I had experienced and witnessed my clients who came up with the same underlying issue of not being OK with their self – either hating their self/life or wanting to change everything about them and their life. I had been on their side few years ago so I know how miserable that felt and after few years when I did manage to cross over, I experienced the thrill of loving myself and valuing my being and I wanted to share this journey with as many people as possible. The transition that made me what I am today is what I wanted for each and every human being. I wanted to let every single soul know how precious, unique and beautiful their ‘self’ is! However it is, whatever it is, it is perfect in its own way!

I am fortunate enough to have Grapevine India in my life! This was my second attempt in the publishing world. While I experienced rejection in the first attempt (with some other script), the second attempt was comparatively smooth. They wanted to launch a self help genre and I was luckily associated with them on project basis during that time. The two needs of writing and publishing merged and emerged in the form of ’21 Ways of Being Happy’J


  1. How did you manage your work schedule while writing?

I quit my job just before taking up this assignmentJ In those three months, I just focused on writing and participated in varied art exhibitions to sustain my financesJ

  1. How has writing a book been a
  2. different experience than the sessions with your clients?

Fortunately, for me, it has been both beautiful and liberating. The only difference here was that I did not have a person sitting physically in front of me but had an imaginary audience (readers) instead! In my sessions, I speak from my heart and in the book, I wrote from my heart. So the source, person, the intention and the experience remained same in bothJ

  1. Tell us briefly about your book ’21 Ways to be Happy’

My book is my journey from hating myself to loving myself just the way I am! In this book, I have shared my own understanding of happiness which to me is the ability to be in love and peace with oneself every minute of consciousness, whatever circumstances one may experience. I sincerely believe that as human beings, we are bound to have ups and downs in life and hence, believing in the terms like ‘a state of perpetual happiness’ creates unnecessary pressure on our Being. Instead of seeking that perpetual happiness, I believe that each one of us must learn the art of embracing ourselves, even at the times when happiness seems long lost.

My sole aim through this book is to touch as many lives as I possibly can. It is my attempt to bring people closer to themselves and make them fall in love with their lifeJ

  1. Here’s a rapid fire for you

Your worst fear?


What makes you happy?

‘Being Me’ makes me happy

The wildest thing you’ve done?

Held an auto driver’s collar when he refused to give me my Rs.10

Your lowest point in life?

When my engagement was called off

Any regrets?


  1. A piece of advice for your readers!

Accept and embrace the imperfectly perfect person that you are! Life is tough for every soul. What matters is how lovingly you hold your hand and heart, not just when things are all rosy but especially when things don’t turn out in your favor. Before wanting to become someone else’s beloved, become your own beloved firstJ