THE SHOEFIEE CONTEST! Free shoes!! This Is How…2 min read

THE SHOEFIEE CONTEST! Free shoes!! This Is How…2 min read



Hello friends, it has been rough time for me since I last posted about shoes and dress up. You all know why? Well, because all my money saving tricks, online shopping and many other plans have just crashed out simply. It is really heartbreaking, so what I decided to do is that I searched for free giveaway for cool merchandise and then….


Well let us save it for later.

First, I was just pondering over the fact, “in today’s world, do we get anything for free? Well, do not say air even that is being canned and sold in the Chinese markets. So do we actually get anything free other than those 10 bugs which we save by doing daily errands for our Mom? The only problem with this source of income is that it is highly dependable on mom’s mood which is 90% times on the wrong side.


So how do we actually be ready for this new semester? Well one thing I can assure you and that is posting pictures on Instagram and the Facebook for free giveaways in much better than posting them for your haters, ex’s and those seasonal BFF’s.

Well what about all the soccer lovers? Copa America! Euro Cup! Inaugural premier Futsal! A lot is happening around soccer this season. Why not take fashion to another realm and be the new cool? But how is that possible by just dawning team jersey? Let’s dawn our team’s shoes and we have the opportunity to do this by just posting a few pictures (which obviously is hobby for most of us).

Well, Fgali! Free giveaway! Gives us an opportunity to dawn this new fashion trend and be the new cool!

When? Where? How?

Well, all you need to do is just layback in your bedroom, click on the provided link, check out the store, follow the “shoe.fgali” page on Instagram and post a picture with your old shoes and tag Fgali. Then all we need to do is lay back, relax, cheer for our team, enjoy the summer vacations and wait for the shoes to be delivered and be the new cool! Sounds easy know?

All the best with the competition guys!

Fgali! Contest Now!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Before & After


Anyhow, all the freshers be ready as we have got a little surprise for you guys. Watch out the Swagatam trailer for more information. Campus Drift is publishing its very first students guide for the freshers and you know the best part? This has been compiled by your own lovely, caring, humble, decent and sober seniors (Exaggeration Alert!). So sorry but we deserve this much after our efforts, just kidding.

Please read, share and comment for your feedbacks.

Until next time, take care friends and do not forget

Fgali! Contest Now!

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