Short Term Courses Offered by the University of Delhi 4 min read

Short Term Courses Offered by the University of Delhi [Short Guide]4 min read


Admission season is on and cutoffs have been shocking us since the first list came out. While most of us want to excel in our fields, there are quite a few students who want to stand out and go an extra mile for an additional knowledge. Are you one such student? If yes, then read on to explore your golden chance.

What about doing a short term course in addition to your regular college degree and that too recognized by the university itself! Delhi University offers short-term courses for all students of varying interests at different colleges for its students and you SHOULD get enrolled in one!

So here is the list of courses to target this time: 

Foreign Languages

A Foreign Language course is something we all must have heard of. College is the best place to learn these languages since you have the time, resources, and quality faculty at your disposal. It doesn’t only expand your horizons but makes you more capable in this world of globalization.

A lot of colleges offer foreign language courses like: St Stephens College, Jesus & Mary College, Delhi College Of Arts & Commerce, Gargi College, Ramjas College, Hindu College, Kamala Nehru College, SGTB Khalsa College, Daulat Ram College, Hansraj College, Miranda House, Sri Venkateswara College, and College Of Vocational Studies.


 Advertising and Marketing Communications

Having a marketing experience along with your regular degree is a BIG bonus. It speaks of your ability to convince others and the skills you acquire help you a lot to get anything on your back. If you believe that marketing is something which can only be learned through MBA, you’re mistaken. Delhi University teaches you all the basics and helps you in finding your creative abilities. So, what are you waiting for? Be smart and join the course for a practical advantage.

Colleges offering Advertisement and Marketing Communications course are Hansraj College, Jesus & Mary College, and Gargi College.

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Television, Web Journalism and Photograph

Now, this is simply wow! If you are a shutterbug and believe in your ability to be a professional photographer, then this is the course for you.

If journalism is something which you consider as a second career option, then you need to know that this course is an ideal amalgamation of all things media and beyond. Just fill up the form and explore while you add one extra certification to your resume.

Colleges offering this opportunist course are – Hansraj College, SGTB Khalsa College, Jesus & Mary College.



With the focus has been shifted from ‘job taker’ to ‘job creator’, this course has gained more importance than ever. The country has woken up to the fact that today any job is as risky as having your own business, and as a response, the startups have started to grow and flourish at a faster pace.

This course allows you a taste of entrepreneurship, with little risks attached to it as such, you get a pretty clear idea about how things work.

Entrepreneurship offered by Lady Shri Ram College of Commerce is well known, and is a must do for all budding entrepreneurs out there!

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Mass Communication

A lot of students, at some time or the other, wanted to opt for Mass Com but could not take it their core course for various reasons.

DU also offers a course on Mass Communication. If you have a blog of your own or like to talk to new people, then this is the course for you.

Plus point – courses like this always give you an edge over others when it comes to placements.

Colleges offering Mass Communications are- Gargi College, Hansraj College, Jesus & Mary College and Miranda House.

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Sports and Event Management

Have you ever organized events? Have you worked really hard for your college/society fest too? But, do you have any formal recognition for your skills from the university? Get one now!

DU’s short term course on Sports and Event Management teaches you a lot, a lot when it comes to organizing, management, and leadership. You learn to work with a team, turning weaknesses into strength and putting an amazing show within limited resources.

Colleges offering Sports and Event Management course are – Khalsa College, Jesus and Merry College etc.

You can also check this link out for the best event management colleges in India. 

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Some Bonus Knowledge

In addition to the above-mentioned mainstream courses, there are some other courses which are taught in a limited number of colleges but the benefits they offer are quite huge. These courses are:

  • Media StudiesJesus and Merry College, Miranda House
  • Banking and Financial Services- Gargi College, Jesus and Merry College
  • Tourism and Travel ManagementShri Venkateswara College, Miranda House

If you still have doubts about something, feel free to comment/message us and show this to an ambitious pal who needs to see this!

Stay tuned for university-related updates and more 🙂