6 simple but important New Year Resolutions to keep this year2 min...

6 simple but important New Year Resolutions to keep this year2 min read

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Just like every other year, 2016 too passed by in a jiffy.

And here we are, awaiting the end of December and the beginning of another year, which again will pass by as quickly as this one. However, while we are at it, let us also observe the annual tradition of making new year’s resolutions, and hope that they are not broken this year, unlike all others. Here are some resolutions everyone must add to their list:-

  1. To Laugh Every day

    Don’t take life too seriously. You’ve got only so much time. Don’t waste it being upset. Find reasons to be happy and laugh at the lamest of jokes. Find stupid excuses to unleash your laughter. That is what will count, at the end.

  2. Not to Care About What Others Think

    Life’s too short to be lived the way others want you to. Do and say what’s on your mind. Don’t hesitate.At the end, you’ll only regret the chances you didn’t take. So live life to the fullest.

  3. To Take Criticism and Failure in Your Stride

    Don’t let yourself get put down by criticism or failure. If anything, they help you grow. They are as essential a part of your life as praise and success, and they are the path to success. So work on your failures and give your best.

  4. To spend more and save less

    Honestly, this is the most important resolution to adopt after the recent demonetization drive. Spend more and save less. Live in the present. You never know when the loads of money you prize will turn into a liability you despise.

  5. To Face your Fears

    Everyone fears something or the other. It is up to us to not let that fear become a hindrance in our lives. So pledge to face your fears in the coming year, and bid them adieu!

  6. To Keep Up with all your Resolutions

    This one should be a prerequisite for your resolution list because, to be honest, almost all resolutions that we adopt with zest tend to break within a week. Take the resolution to keep all the resolutions that you have taken.

This year, hike up your zeal with new resolutions and yet another resolution to tie yourself up with them, for the next year to come with much higher aspiration for an aspiring you! Wishing you a happy and a successful year ahead!


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