This Song on the tunes of Vol 1 with cute lyrics is...

This Song on the tunes of Vol 1 with cute lyrics is a treat for every College Student1 min read


Are you going to be a Fuchha soon? Well, if you’re nodding your head in a yes then our friend we know what is jumping in your stomach – gigantic butterflies, right?

Whether it’s the anticipation of the new world you are stepping into or the excitement to feel the first “grown up love”, you must be having some worries and a nervous shrug, we are sure.

Now you must be wondering what we can do for you.

Everything! To those of you who haven’t yet heard about the TVF’s new song “CUTE” featuring Raftaar, Naveen and oh-so- lovely Kanan Gill (drools), we have it here for you to encourage you. Naveen here is just like you, nervous and trying to woo that gorgeous girl with a laal bindi when the always helping Kanan Gill plays the love guru by making him lip sync the lyrics of the song while Raftaar sings it in the background!

Now, what does it teach you? It teaches you to find a friend or a senior and just set the ball rolling with his master advices whether it is about a woman or the college life. And yes, a little confidence from you will be an icing on the cake.

THE TWIST: The song is has the exact same tones as Volume 1 (haha!) but the lyrics are legit cute. Check it out in the link below and oh don’t forget to recommend and like us! Ta da.

Here you go: