St. Xavier’s Mumbai has banned ripped and torn jeans inside the campus2...

St. Xavier’s Mumbai has banned ripped and torn jeans inside the campus2 min read


This has become a very sensational topic, especially for the fashion freaks. This past week the students of the St. Xavier’s college, South Mumbai were aghast after seeing a circular on the notice board which banned students from wearing ripped/torn jeans inside the campus!

According to sources, some students wearing ripped jeans inside the campus were reported to the principal, Angelo Menezes by a professor, earlier this week. The students were asked to change the jeans and come back to the college.

St. Xavier’s college follows a very strict code of conduct and has a horrifying history of suspensions for various reasons, for instance, they banned students from wearing sleeveless blouses, shirts, shorts and short skirts inside the campus.

And after this incident, the rule has been modified and ripped/torn jeans has been added to this list. While students were seen complaining about this new rule and claiming the ban unreasonable, the principal, Angelo Menezes claims all students are happy to oblige. He also said that “wearing ripped jeans on campus is embarrassing as the torn part could be anywhere and not only it creates an unprofessional environment, but it also mocks the poor who are forced to wear such clothes, one cannot make such things a fashion statement”


The South Mumbai colleges are famous for their strict code of conduct and St. Xavier’s is not the first college to apply such rules on students, the Wilson college, Girgaum also ban’s BMM students from wearing sleeveless clothes and shorts inside the campus, girl students of Veermata Jijabai Technological institute also face time restrictions, they are not allowed to stay inside the campus after 6 p.m. even for using library and labs.

Although students of St. Xavier’s college don't seem too pleased with the idea that following a proper Dress code is an essential element for creating a professional environment in B-schools. On the other hand imposing rules on a particular department or gender is sexist and isn’t fair by any means.

In this age of feminism, it’s quite unreasonable to ban clothes a person loves to don! We are as shocked as you are since the most fashionable state is filled with such colleges!

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Edits by: Rajni