How are you known based upon your college in DU? Common Stereotypes!3...

How are you known based upon your college in DU? Common Stereotypes!3 min read



When you get admission into any college of Delhi University you don’t just enter with a tag of being a DU student but also with the tag/brand your college name has.

You have to live with that stereotype tag for the rest of your college life. We bring to you a few of such stereotypical tags that the colleges have with them:


  • Miranda is too hi-fi

Miranda is famous for not only its long list of alumina but also for the long queue of guys standing outside it and chasing girls (well aashiqui bhi zaroori hai janaab!).

The girls of this college are said to be all decked up from head to toe in branded clothes, carrying expensive bags with their head held high and heels higher. They are believed to be too “hi-fi” or “ultra –modern” .

Though, the reality stands apart. If you personally visit this college you would find the most simplest, sweetest and politest of girls as well because NOT everyone is same.

  • Stephen’s a brand in itself: .

In Stephen’s you do not have a canteen you have a “cafè”, they are too high class to have a canteen. Students here are generally believed to not to mingle much with others and stay in their own attitude and that they are too “swaggy” to invite others to their college fest.

Well, somewhere down the crowd you might find the most-friendly and warm hearted people (no swag intended) in Stephen’s too.

  • Maitreyi college girls aren’t smart:

Girls colleges often carry with them either “modern” or “bhenji” tag. And this college doesn’t have the former one. Girls here are generally associated to not being smart enough or up-to-date.

Though with the cut off ranging too high, it is highly doubtful that anyone not smart would get admission in DU.

  • Khalsa college is only for Sikhs :

Often colleges are stereotyped with one type of people coming to it. And similar to Ramjas being associated to Jats, Khalsa is associated to Sikhs.

Undoubtedly the college has more of Sikh students but the atmosphere inside will make you feel like at home. Once you enter this college you won’t find any such thing.

  • Venkateshwara is a hep and branded college:

The outside of Venkateshwara (Venky as all of them call it) college seems more like a branded car showroom with all the latest luxurious cars on the display. Similar is the thinking about the people of this college.

It is believed that the students here are always decked up in latest clothes, with high self-respect and higher attitude. Though the outside of college might greet you with cars but once you enter the college you will find people just like you, equally nice and friendly.

  • Shivaji college is just an average one:

All the attention and praise always goes to north campus colleges and off campus colleges generally do not get much attention and are not considered to be very good or up to the mark. Though the reality is very different from this.

Shivaji college, contrary to what people think, has a great infrastructure and faculty. The college is not only good academically and infras- wise but is also at par with most of the campus colleges.

What do you feel about the colleges of DU? Let us know if there are some more stereotypes prevailing around you.

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  1. I have friends in Maitreyi College and they are some very smart people. On their behalf, I take offence to your description of the Matreyi girls!