We’re Hiring at Campus Drift and Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Apply3 min...

We’re Hiring at Campus Drift and Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Apply3 min read


We at Campus Drift are a one huge FAMILY.

Our organisation is a student driven organisation. All our work is being done by students and our goal is to help them be the best in whatever they want to do with us.

The family is 80 people strong right now and we are looking for some great & enthusiastic people to come and join us for various roles.

Why Shouldn’t You Join Campus Drift?

Yes, instead of telling you why you should join us, we’ll be giving you reasons why and who shouldn’t join us.

  • We are not a well funded startup, we are just a student media organisation. Everything is by students only. So people looking for a brand with deep pockets should avoid us. However, if you stick by us for some time, you’ll be able to say that you are a part of a great brand.

  • We mean business when you join us as an intern. You just have to donate half an hour to the internship daily from your home, but we make sure that half an hour makes a difference in your professional life in future. So lazy and procrastination friendly people should avoid us.

  •  There are no hefty stipends here, just great appreciation for the work you do which helps you to move forward (but we don’t rule out giving you some perks 😉 )

  • We are a learning driven organisation. We are in love with people who have the spark to learn and if you want to do the internship just to write on more line in your CV then ours is a red zone. We accept people who want to learn with huge smiles.

  • There’s no cool office for you to brag about but there’s a lot of cool work which you can do here. We might get a small decent place in sometime but still the only thing there which’ll be cool is WORK. Till then we organise small meetings for you regularly.

  • We don’t have the best platform in the industry but we sure have one which is enough for you to test out and enhance your skills and we are striving to make the best platform.

  • Doing work is fun for us. We don’t provide you facilities like X-BOX, TT Table or any other *FUN* activity to offer you but if you love what you do then you’ll find it fun working here.

  • We’re not the market leader or the best media site but we are doing some really great work and we are really focused on being the best and this is the journey we want to take you on.

  • We don’t have co-workers here. We are friends first and then we are a great team. That’s it.

So it’ll be easy for you to make a decision now.Make sure you check out our website, facebook page and instagram handle before applying.

Just fill up the form below & and we’ll reach out to you soon. 🙂

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  1. I really had a wish to work and be an intern with an organisation.I think working with this organisation will provide me a great platform to show dedication towards work and will leave me with a wonderful experience.