Taking Admission in Stephen’s3 min read

Taking Admission in Stephen’s3 min read

Taking Admission in Stephen's

DU’s admission process can be quite a painful process for both the students as well as their parents. As if standing in long queues and waiting wasn’t enough, students who were willing to take admission in St. Stephens College had to face more.

On day 1, i.e, Friday, students started gathering around the college from about 6:30 AM. They were hoping to get admission in the diploma language courses. By the time office opened at 9:30 AM, there was a huge crowd circling the institution. Given the vast crowd, there were only 2 people who were verifying the form. Gradually, there was a chaos at the site and rain showers too added to the plight. The staff wasn’t prepared for such a situation. In the end, the parents had to intervene and helped them stabilize the situation. Even after this, people who had submitted their respective forms did not get their challans and thus could not submit their fee that very day. The mismanagement was such that people who had come later on were attended first to the people who came early morning and have been waiting for long. Since, the admission process always goes according to first come- first serve basis, this was an incident which proved to be breaking this norm. People whose forms had been submitted for generation of challan, were told that a token number would be allotted the next day, for better handling.


The students who came on Day 2 of admissions, came with the hope that finally, they’ll be able to get admission to the college, were distressed even more.  Students as well as parents started arriving from 4 AM. Fortunate enough, token numbers were allotted, but even after much waiting, the students were told by the authorities that the seats were full and that they could no longer entertain anyone. Had they told this earlier to the students, they wouldn’t have occupied their so preserved energy thereat, waiting, that too in vain! They would have gone elsewhere for admissions. To everyone’s surprise, the head of Language department of Stephens handled the situation very peacefully, and issued a notification of increment of the number of seats to 50. Some relief to aspirants in scorching sun! But obviously, everyone was furious. Out of the frustrated crowd, one parent called the police and when the cops arrived, it was then that the admission procedure was closed again. After a whole series of chaos, the challans were finally issued. Fee was paid, finally on Monday, after much confusion regarding the payment. Lines started forming at the same time. Thanks, to the authorities for a better handling the next day.

As students, we know that admission procedure takes time but college authorities should be ready to face any kind of situation. They should be prepared since they do it every year. The mismanagement by the college is certainly not what we expect at all. Be ready to face the heat of the admissions the next time you step in. Never forget to carry your admission bag pack, that must include, an umbrella, lunch box, water bottle, tissue papers, and of course some decent amount of cash! You never know what you might get there, admission, rain or sunlight!