What is The Toilet Report? And why we’re doing it?2 min read

What is The Toilet Report? And why we’re doing it?2 min read


Have you ever filled up the application form to join us at Campus Drift?

If you have then you know we ask every prospective writer whether they’d like to write about fashion or about toilet conditions of colleges and why. The main reason is to find out what kinda genre the person wants to go into but it also has a lot to do about our feelings towards the infra (and cleanliness) conditions in colleges.

So, when the team at PeeSafe (a toilet sanitizer brand) contacted us to do something for them, this was the first thing on our mind – something around the toilet conditions of Delhi colleges (particularly DU).

This led us to develop The Toilet Report. It is an investigative campaign about the situation of toilet condition across Delhi colleges.

But Why?

Because why not?

We wanna see and report how good or bad they are. We wanna see how well built and sanitised the toilets of some of the premier colleges of Delhi are. We feel about if from our heart (or our gut, maybe šŸ˜› )

In the coming days, you’ll see us sharing a lot of pictures and videos of the conditions of the toilets. We’ll also talk about the bad ones with the VCs of universities, student unions and college principle. It’s our first social awareness campaign that we’re doing and no matter how odd our passion about toilet seems, we’re gonna do it on an effective scale.

And we’re so glad that we found someone as crazy as us to help us in this whole thing. A team who is as passionate about toilets (and pee pee) as us. šŸ˜‰

The people at PeeSafe are quite amazing and they’ve made this cute little can which keeps your toilet seat sanitised and fresh. Have a look:

Cute na? šŸ˜‰

Also, special thanks to our whole team and our army of Campus Ambassadors without whom the whole campaign won’t be possible. [A big Hug]

So we’d love you to join us and help us in making it a success. If you have anything to report about the condition of your college toilet, do let us know at connect@campusdrift.com because it’s your responsibility too šŸ™‚


Somvir Yadav
CEO & Co-Founder
Campus Drift