Spending New Year’s alone? Here’s what you can do3 min read

Spending New Year’s alone? Here’s what you can do3 min read

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So it’s New Year and you are alone!

Well It is totally OK and pretty cool to be all alone on some occasions so that you can spend time with yourself and be more productive in anything you do. We can’t always expect a 12 a.m. kiss, right?

First of all just let the feeling of  “Nobody loves me / Nobody cares for me / Why I am alone / disha,arti,susain etc are partying in Hauz Khas and I am not / Priya and Rohan decided to hook up together / I am still single / No plans” go. Do not let these thoughts destroy your happiness. If you do not have any plans to spend your “me time” the way you always wanted, then you are reading the right article.

These are the things you can do to avoid your boredom this New Year:

  • Read a Book

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    Oh yes! If you are “Say No To Party” person and you love everything quiet then just pick up any book and calm your senses by going deep into it. Read something which will make some sense to the coming year and will help you in any way. DO NOT READ LOVE STORIES WITH SAD ENDINGS!

    Settle yourself in a peaceful area, so that you can concentrate more on reading. Decorate your living area with some bright lights. You will surely feel more alive.

  • Movies
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    And if you are damn alone and nothing works, then prepare a bowl of popcorn for yourself or just order pizza with something to drink and watch back to back movies. if you fit yourself in a comfortable bean bag, spread your legs and watch legendary series like “FRIENDS / THE BIG BANG THEORY / FLASH / HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER”, you will never regret being by yourself!

    Again say no! to romantic movies in case you are single and urgh heartbroken.

  • Music
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    Breaking down to your favourite Jams all day long is a great way too. Select either a brain hitting song or soothing one according to your taste in music. Pick up your headphones, rest your mind and stay tuned to your favourite songs. If you are all alone in your house then it’s great but if you are not then you can find a quiet corner. The terrace is the best place to feel yourself with the music.

  • Food
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    And foodgasm can take you to another level of comfort.YES! If you are alone and you don’t have any way to celebrate a new year, just prepare your favourite food for yourself.

    Food will definitely make you feel better. It’s the best option for sure since you don’t need anyone because Joey cannot share food!!


  • You can for a change write letters to those whom you missed badly throughout the year, to whom you want to share your feelings with or to the ones you want to apologise. This will just lighten your heart and you can think to start your new year freshly.
  • You can engage yourself in making your resolutions for the upcoming year and prepare yourself to be more particular about those promises.
  • Plan some phone calls and messages for the midnight to make others happy especially those who are actually expecting your call or your message.
  • Cover yourself in beautiful attire and best makeup and then click as many photographs you can. Try loving yourself to spend your day beautifully.

Hope you’ll enjoy your own company this new year, because this is what matters the most.

Have a really happy new year, best wishes from all of us at Campus Drift.