8 Things only a Hansraj College student will Relate to2 min read

8 Things only a Hansraj College student will Relate to2 min read

Things only a hansraj college student will relate to

Every college has some good, not-so-good and unique factors. Just like that, Hansraj college of Delhi University has its own perks.

We have compiled a list of few of these for you.

1) Lover’s Point and Food

lovers point at hansarj college

Having Paneer Cutlets and Egg Chowmein at ‘Lover’s Point’. It is in fact, exactly as it sounds….an oversell!! Yet, the aforementioned food does blow your mind.

2) Chole Bhature = Love

chole bhature near hansraj college

The Chole Bhature with the best tangy chutney one might have ever tasted, just across the street at Malkaganj Chowk.

The stall seems to be a pre-independence relic, but don’t let your eyes fool you…because it is so much better than the over-hyped Chache di Hatti.

3) Saare Documents laaye ho?


You just cannot miss out on the almost inaudible hoarse voice of Kalra Sir of Window 9. No matter what, he will get your job done….provided you get all of the seals beforehand.

4) The Reflective Glass

reflective glass of hansraj college auditorium

There is something that is seemingly excessive in Hansraj College as compared to other colleges……the Reflective Glass in front of the auditorium!!

You just cannot resist checking your reflection once you pass by it and feel like a celebrity when you look good!

5) Recess Time- The School Nostalgia

lunch time at hansraj college

The extra slot for lunchtime in the college timetable is just pure gold. It feels as a proper recess time like we used to have in school. Well, the college insists on peddling back to the school days nostalgia.


id card checking at hansraj college

The consistent checking of your ID’s at the gate, even when you briefly tend to stroll out of the campus. There just might not be any sort of chance for trespassing into the premises. You have to keep your ID Card handy 😛

7) I have to PEE, let’s go to the Library

hansraj college library

The well-maintained toilets in the library seem to be better than its college counterpart. Students often prefer to rush to the library in the time of emergency. Well, time for another quick trip to the ‘library’.

8) The slow work at Canara Bank

canara bank at hansraj college

To sum it up, there should at least be a reference to the officials of Canara Bank within the campus, wherein you hate the delays and the misplacements of your DD’s, yet you just can’t do without them.

As George Patton once rightfully said, “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”

Hope you had fun reading the article and hope you can relate to these points as a Hansraj College student.

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