5 Things That Parents of College Kids Will Never Understand2 min read

5 Things That Parents of College Kids Will Never Understand2 min read

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Parents of college kids out there have to face huge generation gap these days as the world has evolved way too fast.

There are certain things which they do not know, and may be our fast and furious generation kids think they should not know.

1) They have grown up

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Sometimes our parents are way too protective towards their kids, even if the kids have grown 18+ an age where they are officially adults.

Some parents are not aware that they should let their kids learn to be responsible and learn how to handle things all by themselves as ultimately they will be doing it in times to come.

2) They know way back home.

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Parents of college going kids are most of the times after their lives to inquire about their whereabouts.

They should no more be ignorant about the existence of a technology called GPS. Kids will be back home without landing themselves into trouble.

3) They won’t be kidnapped that easily.


By this time they know how to deal with the niggas on the road weaving their sleepy chocolates. So yeah they can almost avoid getting kidnapped.

They can make out the difference between grey and black. They can only be kidnapped easily if they are super dumb without a sense of coffee and tea.

4) College kids have all kinds of friends


Now is the time when ultra-protective parents should have this truth revealed on them that when your kid steps outside the door, s/he is exposed to every damn thing that your mind can afford to think.

Same happens when they go to college, they are exposed to all kinds of people, and that variety prevails in their list of friends too.

That’s what also makes them learn how to deal with all kinds of people. These friends in question include smokers, drinkers, Casanovas, geeks, freaks etc.

5) some have tried almost everything, and some do it everyday.



Some of you might have smoked weed, got drunk to death, climbed on the rooftop of your always angry neighbor, had sex with someone etc.

Wonder when will parents understand that it’s all a part of growing up and experience only makes you a better person.


It’s a hard world for college students here in India but we manage just fine. maintaining the right balance between family and friends. (Superpowers you know 😉 )

I hope you can relate to the article. Let me know if you face more problems at home which you think your parents should understand. Start commenting guys. 🙂

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