7 things a SRCC student will totally relate to2 min read

7 things a SRCC student will totally relate to2 min read

source: youtube.com

Shri Ram College of Commerce, this name makes most of us feel inferior, right? If you didn’t get a chance to be a part of it, do not worry, we have got something which will provide you with the inner secrets of this college!

And if you’re a student of SRCC, here’s your moment of glory! Read on:

  1. ‘N’ number of meetings, and all at 1:30

    If you are a first-year student, you will get screwed deciding which lawns to go to, to attend which all meetings. This is the time your ability to befool others helps you in hiding faces from others and everyone manages to attend a minimum of two meetings at that time itself. Too punctual.

  2. Sports complex dekho yaar!

    source: scholarslearning.com

    Beta ye SRCC ka sports complex h, hum to events bhi yahan kara lete h. With huge spectator capacity, the sports complex renovated for Commonwealth Games grabs the attention of all. After all, it’s more than just a name 😛

  3. Bhujia patties

    The college has an innovative cuisine of bhujia patties and chai lovers surround the stall like bees! This is definitely a nice place to hang out with your buddies while savouring the greatest patties.

  4. Library in the summer heat, AC hai boss.

    source: srcc.edu

    Library is a saviour during scorching summer heat kyuki yahan bache library bhi ac m bethne jaate h.

    We are not that studious!

  5. Imminent Speakers on campus, really.

    source: narendramodi.in

    Fest at SRCC is something, no one should ever miss. Speakers from all across the world visit here and you might happen to meet them. Glamorous, is not it?

    Some names to share would be Sundar Pichai, Narendra Modi, Nirmala Sitharaman, Rajnath Singh, Rajat Sharma, Farhan Akhtar, Shankar-Ehsan-loy, MohitChauhan, Suresh Raina, Papa CJ and the list goes on and on.

  6. Value for time

    source: mytimemanagement.com

    Believe me, Sr-ites value their time the most, the most!

    “Bhai yahan tujhe sab kuch milega, but sr-ite ka time nahi☹ !”

    With a lot to achieve, to fulfil the commitments, to flow with the college, you will realize that you do not have any time to kill. The best thing one learns at SRCC is time management.

  7. Crossroads ka pass milega?

    source: youtube.com

    Crossroads would be the time, when your school mates, other university friends would run after you to get the passes. Great feeling, though!

So if any of these strike a chord with you, share this post and let your mates drown in the glory of being from SRCC- the giant ☺

Tell us if I missed something in comments. 🙂