10 great things to do at Journo Junction 2017 – Journalism fest...

10 great things to do at Journo Junction 2017 – Journalism fest of KNC1 min read


Kamala Nehru College’s department of journalism is here with it’s annual fest Journo Junction 2017 and here are some amazing reasons to attend it:

10.Before you think it’s just an ordinary fest, let us tell you that it much more than an academic fest! It’s a mix of fun and frolic, knowledge and learning juiced up by amazing guest lecturers that we have every year! Make sure you don’t miss them.

9.With our theme being “Media in the Digital Era”, you might feel at home as this theme is relevant to all of us and how digitisation is seemingly taking over most aspects in our life.

8.Everything is not what is seems! The phrase will catch meaning in front of your eyes when our Magician Poshak Dua shall mesmerise you into the black hole of illusions.

7.Ravishing theme based decorations shall lead your steps to your destination and guide you to respective competitions.

6.Be ready to hound around the compounds of our College to beat the challenges of the Beg,Borrow,Steal simply JJ Edition.

5.For all those with a craving for sweet and a sweeter tooth, you’ll surely satisfy your candy cravings this JJ.

4.Enter into the student mosaic of expressions and feelings in our exhibition of the photographs that you people have sent for the Urban Exploration competition.

3.For the youthful Shakespeare’s and Maya Angelou’s , our fest dearly invites you to our feature writing competition- Kalam

2.Right or wrong, weak or strong, let the Cyberspazio Debate Competition catch all of your along !

1.At the end of our list, is it’s beginning. For all the above experiences and warmth don’t forget to be there for JournoJunction 2017 on 8th march!

So, don’t miss out on this, specially if you’re a media student/aspirant. Get ready to enjoy!