5 Things That You Can Do In Satya Niketan But Not In...

5 Things That You Can Do In Satya Niketan But Not In North Campus2 min read


Ever been to Satya Niketan? If yes, then you will DEFINITELY agree with all these awesome things you can do there.

Northies, brace yourselves! Read on to know more:

1) What can be better than CHOWRANGHEE just at the beginning!


kathi rolls at satya niketan

Hungry heads end up banging for extremely delicious and mouth-watering  KATHI ROLLS  at renowned 34, CHOWRINGHEE LANE.

Kathi rolls originated in Kolkata, but achieved perfection right here in south campus and became the favourite hangout place.

Try one here, you’re hooked for life. What say northerners?

 2) Wanna smoke? Let’s go to Satya .

smoking at satya niketan

For those who love to smoke a sutta with a delicious chai, the shop at the nukkad is a place of sheer bliss!

Not only this, you will find shades for smokers in every corner here in Satya Niketan at any point of the day so you won’t ever feel alienated here among your bros *winks*.

 3) Gifts, games, grocery? Humare yahan mein sab milta hai!

gold gym at satya niketan

Hallmark, Gold Gym, small shopping stores to salons , from clinics to gaming parlour , you can find everything in Satya Niketan.

You just need to step in and all you will find everything that you probably need! Cool eh?

 4) Delicious food for all pockets!

tandoori momos at satya niketan

No matter if you have 30 bucks or 3k, here you will find mouth watering and satisfying food at a very reasonable price.

And who can ignore the hub of Momos that Satya is! Hungry? Just grab a plate and pamper your taste buds. Can you feel us north? *Giggles*

 5) Kyuki yeh ghar jaisa hai.

PG at satya niketan

The best thing about here is the homely feeling it gives you. With all the PGs and students like you all around, a migrated person will easily feel at home.

No matter how low you feel , but if u are here life will always be amazing for you be it middle of night or early in the morning  (awwwwwww).

We are sure you have already fallen in love with Satya Niketan after reading these. And you can thank us later.

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  1. Really so true and one more point no matter how much junk u have there is also a outdoor gym in satya park so that u don’t lose your packs