8 Spot-on things you’ll totally realte to if you’re from Arts Faculty,...

8 Spot-on things you’ll totally realte to if you’re from Arts Faculty, DU!3 min read

Source: University of Delhi

A statutory warning to those preparing to get admission in a course at the Faculty of Arts and my condolences to those already bearing with it.

Fun Fact: Most people don’t know where Arts Fac is! Well, the faculty sits right in front of SRCC. This has to be the most precise address for Arts Fac.

Here are a few things you may relate to as a student at the Faculty of Arts:

  1. No Fests for you
    Fests are the most awaited events of the year and we are deprived of those! We haven’t got any choice, faculty people! We do attend other fests. All Other Fests!

    *Because jo humein nahi milta, uski kadar toh bohot hoti hai!* 😀

  2. Protests, Protests All the Way!
    Day, Noon or Night – Behold the protests going on! Protests here are Normal! Days when there are no protests are an aberration. It doesn’t even matter to which college does the issue pertains to; the protest has to be at Arts Faculty. Long Live the Revolution!

    Plays *jaago re jaago re jaago re* in background.

  3. No Cultural Societies.
    Please keep all your skills and hobbies to yourself because nobody’s here to nurture them or to provide you any sort of guidance. No Societies Bro-Just Studies-Only Classes!

    *Dance wance sab dhoka hai, padh le bête mauka hai!*

  4. “So, Where’s Arts Fac?”

    Nobody seems to know where Arts Faculty is. Though it’s a magical place, it’s real. It exists! It’s in the heart of North campus beside Law Faculty.

    *dubara mat puchna!*

  5. “That’s Not Even a College!”
    You’ll get this very often! Like “Are you pursuing Masters?” Because Arts Faculty is known for Masters.

    There are Actual Departments at Arts Faculty, where Actual Courses are taught! Believe it or Not!

    *So haan, college to hai J*

  6. Faculty Peeps are Poor!
    They got no funds for Fresher’s or for Farewell. The real sad part is that they don’t even get the auditorium. Just so you know, they do have a huge convocation hall which for some reason never opens! There are urban legends about it being haunted doing rounds!
    *choice nahi hai, majburi hai dosto!*

  7. No Swagger! Nil! Zero!
    The students of Arts Faculty have the most ridiculous ID cards ever! They look like ration cards. Whenever we go to other colleges and our IDs are inspected, it takes forever!

    Even the ISIS people wouldn’t face as much trouble making their way through the gate.

    *because chehre me rakha hi kya hai?”

  8. No Sports Club or Gym
    Absolute heartbreak for fitness freaks, Yo! Every college is supposed to have a sports club or a gym. Since it’s not a college it doesn’t have one.

    *body banane aate ho ya padhai karne?*

Nevertheless, Arts Faculty boasts of having one of the most beautiful campuses in DU. Not just that, it has the famous Central Library, A School for the Blind and various other departments!

It’s the place one looks up to, thinking of courses which are a bit out of the box such as a Honors in European languages. It needs more recognition & I, being a student at the Arts Faculty really want my college to receive all the respect and recognition because it deserves every bit of it!

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Edits By: Aditya