7 things you’ll totally relate to if you’re from Amity University2 min...

7 things you’ll totally relate to if you’re from Amity University2 min read


Amity University is beyond doubt one of the most popular universities in India. The University has campuses in India and overseas. The placements are great and the interiors are.. Well too good!

Here are 7 things you can definitely relate to if you’re a student at Amity University:

  1. Attendance Issues:
    Every student seems to be troubled by the insanely high minimum attendance criteria failing which leads to getting debarred and no, we cannot get out just by filling an undertaking.Issues are S.E.R.I.O.U.S here. Save us.

  2. The Mighty H-Block
    This is the home of food joints like Domino’s, Subway, Café Coffee Day etc. and the venue for performances and celebrity appearances.Canteens and regular food? Give me a break! Amity has a lot of swag and the tastiest food as well.

  3. Seminars

    Every semester, students are required to come up with original research papers in each subject and present them as part of their internal assessment.Getting back to some really difficult stuff, we are supposed to do it every sem. Oh you have an assignment? Pfff cute.

  4. Amity Theka
    Yes, there’s a liquor shop/shack near the university that’s named after it. Never heard that one before? :DEven satya niketan and north campus can’t be THIS cool!

  5. Arcadia
    It’s a gaming zone that has music, food, snooker, bowling and huge screens and more. The perfect place to chill at.So you play basketball and cricket in college? You need to chill like us, bro.

  6. Balli’s Food Joint
    This is the most popular hangout place for amity students. Numerous food joints outside Gate 2A offer finger licking food and a great place to chill.Food for thought, food for cravings, food for…….FOOD.

  7. Celebrities on campus
    Everyone from Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Tiger Shroff to Katrina Kaif and Edward Maya has visited the campus and celebrities on campus are a common sight for students at Amity.Do I need say more?

Such is the happening life at Amity University where students take out the time for fun even with strict attendance standards and day long classes!

Share this article and let yourself revel in the glory of being a student here. If you’re not a student here, well.. Dusri ki khushi me khush rahiye. 🙂