6 Thoughts we all have while looking for a job3 min read

6 Thoughts we all have while looking for a job3 min read


While many of us are in the last semester of our graduation, the prospect of searching for a suitable job is crucial for those of us who are not thinking about doing a post grad diploma, at least in the coming year.

Job searching is thrilling and terrifying simultaneously. For every person who is out there looking for a new job, it’s a journey which either satisfies your goals and objectives or which pays you really good.

So, we have collected some common thoughts of all students while looking for “the” job:

  1. What do I wear for my interview?

This is one question that is on the top of every applicant’s head before he/she goes for an interview. Should I wear a formal shirt along with a tie or skip the tie, what colour shirt should I wear, should I stick with the formal skirt or just the pants with a blazer?

Pro tip: wear light coloured shirts and avoid check designs at all costs!

  1. Oops, did I make a spelling mistake in my resume or the cover letter?

It happens to the best of us. The minute you hit “submit” on that online application, you’re suddenly convinced you called the hiring manager Aparna instead of Aprajita or you accidentally ignored that red squiggle under a word.

It feels the same when we wait for 12th board results and wake up at odd times to consider how tightly we had tied the answer sheets together!

  1. Should I take this job or wait for the other opportunities that might come my way?

This is the ultimate confusion of all times that each one of us faces. We constantly weigh our opportunities under many criteria such as pay, opportunities, co-workers, work environment etc.

The other fear which constantly lingers in our mind is the fear of passing over a good opportunity while waiting for something better and failing to get either one. It can be really difficult to find a way out of this situation but an analysis of the market and the probability of a job opening in a “better company” can help you in deciding.

  1. Is my LinkedIn profile updated and should I change what I post on Facebook?

With 21st century cruising in, hiring has changed from the traditional forms to moderns means by viewing a candidate’s profile on LinkedIn, background check etc.

For those who are familiar with the working of LinkedIn, updating your profile on professional sites like Linkedin and choosing the “emotional intensity” of your FaceBook posts might help in forming a good image in the eyes of an employer.

  1. How much do I know about the company?

Do I know all the things related to the company I am applying for? What it deals with, what is it core business, who is the head etc. Every applicant has faced jitters in this section before giving an interview for the job or applying for any post in a company.

Also, one should be sure that the company we are looking forward to work in does not have a history of employee related problems like late salaries and inflexible working hours.

  1. When will I get a call for the final selection or am I selected?

The tension brews in as you can’t wait to finally begin your journey in this working field. The level of patience during this phase is continuously put under test.

It is but natural to feel all these things and speculate the possibility of them happening soon.
In this case, you should just remember that all good things take time and if it isn’t working out for you, then there is a better opportunity waiting, indeed.

All the best for this job hunting season and make sure to ping us if you need any pieces of advice!

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