5 Awesome Tips to beat the Exam Stress2 min read

5 Awesome Tips to beat the Exam Stress2 min read


It’s insane how time flies. It seems like a few days back while we were chilling and hanging out but suddenly the date sheet came out and time passed so quickly that here we are preparing ourselves for the most dreaded part of semester!

So, we have decided to make it a bit easy for you all keeping in mind all the love that we have for you.

Here are 5 tips that can help you deal with exam stress:

1) Listen to Music 

listen to music to beat exam stress

What’s better than a soothing playlist when in stress? Take small breaks to feel fresh and calm yourself. Play your favourite song and let go of exam worries.

Listening to music and soothing tones help in  concentrating better folks, as science says.

2) Oh just take a NAP!

taking a nap will refresh during exam preparation

This is a very effective to relax yourself & beat exam stress. It is essential to stay fresh and energetic so take proper amount of sleep and naps between strenuous study sessions.

And no we are not asking you to take long naps (and wake up in 2098) but short power naps can be quite relaxing and refreshing.

3) Group Study (the real one)

study in groups to prepare well for exams

This is definitely a stress buster. Learning and enjoying at the same time is best. Also, it gives you a delicious maggi and coffee treats in between (and the memories we get!).

PS: Find a friend who cooks great food for group study :p

4) Take a Walk (but don’t roam around)

walking is a great exam stress buster exercise

It is often said that a healthy mind stays in healthy body. This is cent percent true. Take a walk and you will be surprised by the amount of pleasure you get.

You will feel so fresh and good. It will definitely help you to perform better. Our expert advices are to be believed.

5) Do What You Love

do what you love

This is the last but best tip. Do what makes you happy. It’ll boost your confidence. Click some selfies, play that song on the guitar, watch an episode of your fav show.

Take time out for something that you love. Do your hobby. Nothing will give you more joy than doing what you love.

BONUS TIP: Don’t forget to pray daily 😛 kyuki jab kuch ni aata hai toh bhagwaan kaam aate hain.

Hope these tips will help you in busting the exam stress. I’d also love to know the things you do to bust stress during exams. Start commenting.

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