Easy tips to study for an entrance exam!2 min read

Easy tips to study for an entrance exam!2 min read


FYI, the time has come. The time of entrance tests, stress and yes! Anxiety.

Entrance tests decide where we are going to land up and should not be taken lightly. We are taught what to study and when to study for the entrances. But at the last moment, is it ever enough?

If you’re preparing for an entrance which is just knocking on your doorstep, then here are some tips that might help you (effectively):

 Start preparing for the Entrance tests when you are in the right mood. When the mood is off, you can’t prepare for the exams effectively. To get into the right mood track, maybe one can take breaks from studies from some time and do what he/she likes.

 Avoid studying when you are sleepy. Studying with sleepy eyes is of no use. When you feel sleepy, do something light like arranging your books, or clearing your desk. You can also take a short nap, say 15 minutes so that the sleepy phase passes away.

 Problem solving is important and giving lengthy answers will not help. Instead, you should prefer giving answers in brief and to the point than writing stories.

 Try to solve more and more of previous year questions and mock tests. By solving more and more mock tests, you can improve your speed and a level of confidence is inculcated.

 You should be innovative and intuitive so that you can solve out of course questions. A lot of practice can help in solving such questions.

 The attention you pay to the subject and alertness of your mind matters more than the time you spend on it. For competitive entrance examinations, especially, one does not count the number of hours he/she is spending in front of books.

 Minimize distractions. For example, get rid of the TV noise blaring somewhere in the room, people shouting in your ears etc.

 Start with the most difficult or boring subject when you are fully alert. Keep the easier ones for the times when you feel lazy to study.

 Use different colors to highlight the main ideas, important dates, events etc. This will definitely interest you and make the text visually appealing.

 Try to think like a PROTON, always Positive. Don’t let negative thoughts flood your mind which increases the probability of a bad exam.

 Always read the questionnaire with ease and do not rush into answering quickly as anything ruins matters than being overly eager to finish first.

Always remember that the entrance tests influences our life a lot, but these are not everything. Any bad day should not be a reason for your morale to get lowered.

So always be positive and prepare well for your entrances. Please do share your views in the Comments section below if you have some other effective ways to help your mates!