10 tips to ask your crush out on valentine’s and how to...

10 tips to ask your crush out on valentine’s and how to set it up3 min read


All set for V-day but forgot to ask her out?! Don’t panic and ask her out like a pro using these simple YET effective hacks!

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  1. DO NOT try the clichéd Bollywood methods

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    Chasing the girl in an almost creepy manner and turning up at places where she frequently goes is NOT a good idea. It scares the shit out of people. Seriously.

  2. Use pick-up lines

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    Not the sleazy and too cheesy ones. For example. DON’T USE – “I wanna live in your socks so I can be with you through very step” you CAN use, though this one – “ Are you a 90-degree angle? Because you look damn right” although pick up lines are totally subjective.

  3. Simple gestures

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    Don’t be too overwhelming because it ends up pressurizing the other person. Ask the person out on a very casual but fun date where you actually get to talk. There you can even analyze your rapport with him/her.

  4. V-Day is not the only day in the year

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     You can totally skip the whole hype of the 14th of February and ask him/her out on some other day. It will lessen the pressure altogether.

  5. Work on your appearance

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    No I’m not asking you to fix a plastic surgery appointment. Just plan out a nice outfit, wear a nice and neutral perfume and be tidy because dirty nails are a complete turn off TBH.

  6. Bonding

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    The most important thing is to have a good bonding with the person you wish to propose. Make sure there’s a ‘connection’ and it’s not just a superficial infatuation and not another fling.

  7. Are they single?

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    Make sure they aren’t in some secret relationship or are already crushing over someone because that kind of negates your chances 😛 and make you a subject of a whole lot of laughter!

  8. Pay Attention

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    You should be hawk-eyed about the other person’s likes and dislikes and when they randomly mention their favorites in food or hangout spots. It actually feels good when someone pays attention.

  9. Just go for it

     Don’t think too much. What’s the worst case scenario? Getting a No? So what? Life goes on. Don’t be too casual or too dramatic though. Tell them you like them genuinely with a couple of compliments.

  10. Accept No for an answer

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    Be a sport and let it go if the other person doesn’t seem interested. Why pine over someone who doesn’t want to be with you? Seeming too needy puts you in an inferior position.

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BONUS: These tips work equally as well for girls who want to ask their crush out, so break those walls and stereotypes.

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