For the ones who create their own style & for the love...

For the ones who create their own style & for the love of trend settling3 min read


A week before farewell party or freshers!

A perfect fitting suit (Blackberry would be the expectation level but “Muneer & Sons Taylor Wale” can also be considered) – Check!

A perfectly matching watch (It does not matter if it is bought from Karol Bagh) – Check!

new suit

2 Days before the grand day!

A good haircut (that disastrous day when boys look the dumbest creatures).
At times, experienced by myself whereas you will find maximum selfies on the Instagram account of a girl on this day- Check!

A Secret visit to parlour, without even telling your best buddy (Obviously, you wish to look better than them‼).- DOUBLE CHECK!

barber shop

1 day before the glorious day!

Discussion with buddies for meeting up before the event- Check!

Getting hold of a friend possessing car- Check!

Shrugging of all the jeans, to collect all the extra cash- Check!

Girls will bunk those afternoon lectures which anyhow are never attended by college students and boys will act cool in the college as if they don’t care, but will rush after the college hours!

no plan

Notice- all these scenarios have been written under ideal conditions otherwise under normal conditions, all these tasks can also be accomplished by us within 4 hours of the last day!

5 hours before the main event!

All planning fails because you are still confused about which shoes to buy and wear- TRIPLE CHECK!

these shoes

All the planning goes waste because:

  1. Shoes define your class and you can compensate on the grounds of money as you need quality.
  2. At times, when you get quality, you do not get the design which you exactly imagined
  3. At times, when you get both quality and design, the shoe does not suit your pocket.
  4. Your entire craze and enigma for party just disappears because you do not get the right shoe and girls, you don’t get those right heels.



Well shoes are regarded as one of the most important commodity in your style status and it is really important to wear the right shoes otherwise you may spoil your entire dress.

Now when shoes are something which make your outlook distinct then why not try and invest more time on it?

nice shoes

Oh yes, many would feel what is the need of wasting thousands of money for a pair of shoes but then if this can be done at a minimal cost and you can get your own design also, then?

Just like, when you return back home after exams and ask your mom for something tasty and she serves you your favourite dish along with a bowl of ice cream?

That is definitely a cherry on the cake kind of scenario!

Now talking about shoes, it is known by many of us that HANDICRAFT SHOES have really picked up the tempo in our country and onus lies on us to further elevate this trend in our university.

Why is it not the trendsetter? Don’t worry. It will soon be here with (note it down, folks!)

How it actually works?

You can relax in your flats, Pg’s or homes and just browse through various designs or send your own design and well within a good range you will get your desired set of shoes.

Well, after a great research I certainly found “” to be one of the most economical and quick responding site for Handicraft shoes!

it's so easy
FGALI lets you chose from a number of options and you can buy shoes for less than 1500 rupees of budget. The website is really trendy and you even get online support from the experts.


shoe number one shoe number two

GO now and check their awesome collection! Want more info? Stay tuned for more blogs on this rising trend and the trend setters-

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