UDTA Censor Board: The Truth You Never Knew About It3 min read

UDTA Censor Board: The Truth You Never Knew About It3 min read


Censor board. Whenever you listen to this name you start imagining a scenario of a tug of war between producers and a set of dumb looking people who don’t even have a sense of judging movies, but are sitting there to certify them.
They pass a movie which serves visual vulgarity recklessly, and ask the producer of a meaningful movie which might put light on the evils of a certain region to cut 89 scenes. Even the producer was like, “Dude! I shot the movie with runtime of 110 minutes. You’ve reduced its duration to 10 minutes and now public thinks it is an advertisement and ‘UDTA PUNJAB’ is some new airlines.”

We all know about Anurag Kashyap and his movies. Hunter, Gangs of Wasseypur 1-2, Shaitan, Dev D; all of them caught the eyes of censor board due to some or other reasons. Most of his movies get an A-certificate from CBFC because of the explicit material in them. But behind that ‘explicit material’ which CBFC says could harm the innocence of the childhood of younger audience, Anurag narrates the best stories which help the younger generation to see the possible outcomes of the wrong paths that they take as a human in an age where everything sounds fun and helps them in judging their decisions. He might show vulgarity, but there is always a lesson to be learnt at the end of his every movie.

But we can’t just blame CBFC for these cuts and bans. Politics has a very big hand behind these actions of CBFC to obstruct the release of such a good and meaningful movie, while we get to see countless vulgar and meaningless movies like “kya cool hain hum-3”, “grand masti”, “mastizaade” etc which deserved to be banned. According to the sources, using social media as a weapon, many producers have raised voice against Pahlaj Nihalani, who is a producer and the current head of CBFC, because of the corrupt system of this firm captained by him.

Lets come to the reality of Punjab youngsters. There is a friend of mine who resides in a small town of Punjab. I talked to him about the usage of drugs and alcohol consumption, which is the root theme of this movie. He said that after watching the trailer of the movie, he finds most of the things shown are true. After listening to the things and dirty secrets he told me about Punjab, I think that the favorite athlete of youngsters there would be ‘A BeeDi Vi-Le-yar’ because his name matches the profile of most of the guys there, and he also runs very fast *sorry for this PJ*. And Chandigarh chicks are so much addicted to drugs that they call their ex-es ‘chitta’ (haven’t you listen the fake American accent of girls nowadays?) *again, pardon me*.

And finally here we are. Udta Punjab won the case against CBFC in Bombay High Court, and is releasing with only one cut. It was proposed by CBFC to cut 89 scenes and remove PUNJAB word from its title. Finally one good news for both Shahid and Kareena together after their break-up!
And even after all this controversy, Anurag Kashyap is planning to make a sequal to Udta Punjab- and it is proposed to be called ‘Thookta Kanpur’, based on the excessive use of pan masala and Gutkha by the people there, but only if CBFC allows *wink*.

This post has been written by our photographer, so you can very well say that this is “janta ki awaz”. Let us know about your views and spread the word!

by Deepanshu Koli
for Campus Drift