‘Unflinching Courage’- New Webisode Series by Born of a Million Thoughts group.2...

‘Unflinching Courage’- New Webisode Series by Born of a Million Thoughts group.2 min read




Born Of A Million Thoughts believes ‘everything has a story, a story that goes beyond what comes forth to the eye. It was started with the idea that everyone has something they want to express, and sometimes they are not able to do that. This is the main thing they are trying to combat.

They have their own website and a Facebook page, with articles and discussions about all sorts of relevant topics that some might consider taboo. They are starting a webisode series called ‘Unflinching Courage’. The series would deal with the courageous steps undertaken by the simplest of people. The first three webisodes deal with mental illnesses and rape. The first webisode, centered in Delhi and Chhattisgarh, focuses on the difficulties faced by the underprivileged having mental illnesses and the stereotypes attached to them. Also, at that level of poverty, even basic knowledge about mental illnesses is absent, which is something that BOMT wants to combat. They not only spread awareness, in their second webisode, centered in Delhi and Mumbai, the team partners with MNCs to reach to maximum audience and spread awareness about the correlation between poverty and mental illness. They are focusing on the two fold idea of understanding the suffering of the underprivileged in the face of mental illness and the suffering of the women, the doubly affected.

According to a research, the relation between poverty and mental illness is practically cyclical, with poverty inducing stresses inducing mental problems. Not only that, as a whole, mental health is a woefully ignored subject, which is something that needs to be thought about. It also leads to crime and increased violence. In the third webisode, centered in Dehradun, the focus shifts to rape victims who are still unable to find a way to address their concerns and get help. They are to be provided with basic legal knowledge to help them represent themselves. It also focuses on third-world feminism and exploring the issues of the aggrieved Indian women, doing away with the different stereotypes and prejudices that surround the concept.

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