5 (not-so-cliched) Career options after doing English Honors4 min read

5 (not-so-cliched) Career options after doing English Honors4 min read


If there’s one thing which annoys an English honors student the most then it is definitely the preconceived notion of this course being “not cool enough career wise.” But hello! It’s a myth.

And here’s how we can prove it. We have made a list of some really cool and never heard of job opportunities for an English Honours graduate and we’d love to enlighten you. šŸ™‚

  1. A V-logger.

    source: ibtimes.co.uk

Yes, an English honors graduate has a lot of humor. You know why? Because we read! We can be sarcastic, argumentative, funny and goofy at the same time. We are confident because we understand the importance of perception and we are pretty too (but that’s a stereotype).

The charm of our personalities and the basic understanding of human conscience helps us a lot in having a strong opinion about something and we can surely act it out in front of a camera! With good content and hard/smart work, it can definitely be a source of “good money”. Fun plus profit!

Note: this is a very competitive field with a lot of people producing great content. Make sure that your content has a fresh vibe to it and you’re good to go.

2. ENTREPRENEUR (MA/MBA in Entrepreneurship)

Shraddha Sharma – Founder of Your Story

Being a person with a creative conscience never goes futile. We know it because our Co-founderĀ (me) is an English honors student (blah!).

So, on a serious note, these courses helps a person in understanding human behavior,Ā business processes and perception at a deeper level which can prove to be a great asset for a leader.

Along with it, the limitless imagination of an English honors student can help immensely in making his business idea stand out of the crowd. We are always ready to experiment and it is yet another trait which is an essential in being an entrepreneur. You’ll find specialisedĀ courses for both MA and MBA, so choose accordingly.Ā 

  1. An Emcee.

Hello, hello. Mic check 1,2,3….

Good personality, communication skills, engaging aura and a charming smile – the traits of an ideal emcee! Now, have you ever seen an English honors guy/girl with no traits like these? We are sure you haven’t!

So, here you go! There is a huge market demand for emcees (anchors in layman language) and this world is full of different kinds of events. If you’re interested in showing off your people pleasing skills, this can be just the right job for you.

Not only this, you can play anchor in various YouTube interviews and campaigns as well. Surely, you will start small but there’s a huge scope to go big.

  1. Web Series Scriptwriter.

    Popular web series Permanent Roommates

Long gone are the days of Tv series. The future lies in web series and of course, for a series one needs a lot of engaging, fresh and unique content (beware of saas-bahu serial, they won’t work here!)

To fill the gap between an ideal web series idea and its execution, a good script writer is needed. Now, we read a lot of dramas throughout our course (damn we do) and we are very well familiar with the concepts of theater (bonus).

So, if you think you can create some impactful conversations between characters and make the audience fall in love with the series, then this is the right job for you mate. Go look for some fresh directors and someone out there will definitely understand your caliber.

There’s a lot to experiment with and nothing can be a better medium to bring about a change, which web series are meant to do. Taking up a script writing course like AIB First Draft is advisable.

  1. Relationship advisor.

    source: investopedia.com

Do you know why we act as we do? Why we fail to compromise and why we tend to be so concrete of ourselves?

Sounds difficult eh? But not to an English honors graduate. They know a lot about human brain and relationships and they can very well introduce a new perception in other people’s minds with their communication skills.

To be a relationship advisor, one needs a liberal mind and a neutral stand. With some formal qualifications after English Honours, a person can very well enter into this field of advising and problem-solving.

It’s quite an interesting field and it pays well too! Plus it will help you in maintaining your relationships. This article might help your further if you are interested.

If these options excite you, show them to your pals too! And let us know if there’s something more we could have added in this.

Much love šŸ™‚