The Urban Garden Cafe: Eat The Nature Up2 min read

The Urban Garden Cafe: Eat The Nature Up2 min read


Have you ever fancied “The Jungle Book”? or had the thoughts about running into the woods? I understand the time constrains and no Wi-Fi in the jungle can be problematic, now you can have your jungle in the urban city. When I went to check-out this new cafe which had been talks of the town among my friends for sometime. I was amazed by the innovation on the decor side. Being an anytarian (my invention for the somebody who has no problem eating most of the things) the cafe being a vegetarian was not at all an issue for me.


First thing on the plate which I ordered and found it in a few minute was my all time favorite white sauce pasta. Along with Margarita Classic pizza and some coke to calm the heat (The cafe has AC anyway). The pasta was fine enough and the sauce was religiously delicious. On the other plate pizza was like any other pizza but with a good bread and tasted a little better than my most pizza hunts. I like crunchy bread so it went all in sync with that. It did make me forget to play CandyCrush for an hour and a half.


The cafe is set to cater students and they only serve Hookah/Sheesha and no liquor so you might get disappointed if you are coming here for hard drinks. So if you are looking for a vegetarian place which has a completely new concept of ambiance to offer this would be a good choice. So it would not be an experience for which people would flock the gates down but for people who are bored of regular cafes and venues and want to try something really new with a good taste to offer they can surely give it a try. You can put it in your bucket list for some treat-outs, hangouts with your friends or just a family evening this would be a good deal of a place to be at.

Address: Ground Floor, Manglam Paradise Mall near Gold’s Gym, Sector 3, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi 110085
Phone:095409 93168

Timings · 12PM–12AM